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Hi to every one,
I'm new to the forum, been lurking, before I decided to get my Z.
I got an 04 Z Track, Auto, Pewter, on Friday. Its Smooooth.

I have a friend who is on his 2nd Z, a roadster 6 speed.
He's had this car for a couple of months, 8,000 Km.
At the local & only Nissan Dealer they fitted a Ryco oil filter at his last service.
When he starts the engine in the morning it clatters for several seconds before the oil pressure builds up & he's worried that this will damage the motor.
The local Nissan service people advised him that this filter is the one reccomended by Nissan Australia, but I am skeptical that this would be the case.

He doesn't use computers much so I said I'd try the forum for him, I've read several threads on oils & consumption etc, but didn't find the filters.

I would like to ask for any information on suppliers & Part Nos. for oil filters available in Aus, that would be superior or equivalent to the OEM filter. He want to purchase a box of them for 5,000km oil changes.

Also I have a question for any other Z owners, for a reccomended oil available in Aus for use in the Tropics, where the day time temperatures all year are between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius.



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If you need an OEM oil filter and don't mind ordering from USA you can get them from this page. They sell 2 types, long and short. I would go for the long one myself. All you need to order is a credit card and make sure that it's sent using USPS and not UPS, otherwise it'll cost you a fortune. If you want to get them locally I think you might want to contact "nismo pete" on this forum and see if you can arrange something with him.

By the way, what oil is he using? because it's most likely that is the problem and not the filter.

Murray posted Peter's contact in another thread, so here's a cut and paste.

Sports Car International Pty Ltd
67 New South Head Road
Ph: 02 9328 6588 Fax: 02 9362 3152
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