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I would like to extend an invitation to my fellow Z enthusiasts here on Tech to attend my University of Connecticut Car Club's Annual Spring Car/Truck/Bike show. We have worked extremely hard to make this show a success...all we need now is participation. It will surely be a great time, and this area of CT will provide some beautiful spring scenery if you are coming from afar.

Last year we were rained out, and didn't have a rain date, but this year we absolutely do. The previous year, 2006, we had a 700+ car turnout.

Do not hesitate to post on this thread with any specific questions, or better yet, PM me.
[email protected]

The UConn Car Club would like to invite you to be a part of our 5th Annual Spring Car Meet, on Saturday, April 19th, 2008. In the unfortunate event of rain, the show will be moved to Sunday, April 20th.

What you need to know:

W-Lot Commuter Parking Lot on the Storrs Campus
Directly off Storrs Rd (rt. 195)
Storrs CT, 06269
(see map below)

UPDATE: Gates open at 11 AM
Gates close when the parking lot capacity has been reached
Events will take place between 11:30-2:00
Trophies by 3:00-4:00 pm

Free to spectators
$10 dollars to show

There will be no pre-registration this year. If your group would like to park together, arrive early and drive in together as a group. The first map attached below lists parking lots in the area and their locations, so you can meet as a group before arriving at the show in order to drive in together.


Bragging Rights
For those who have yet to see one of our shows, we tend to amass some of the greatest diversity of cars in one place. Anyone who has been to a previous show can attest that there's something for everyone, including classics, domestics, imports, euros and even supercars. All makes, models and price ranges of vehicles are welcome.

Classes are listed below. There will be a 1st place and runner up for each category.

1980 & Up:

Import FWD
Import RWD
Import AWD

Euro Compact
Euro Midsize
Euro Luxury

Domestic Ford
Domestic Mopar
Domestic GM

Truck/SUV Street

Performance ($50k+)


2/3 Wheelers


Hot Rod

Specialty Awards:

Best Club (Quality)
Club Participation (Attendance)
UC3 Choice

Note: Best Club Participation Club Award goes to the club with the most participating members. Best Club Award will be awarded to the club that UC3 deems to have the highest quality entrants.

Other mentionables:
- The parking lot has a maximum capacity of around 600 cars. Once the parking lot is full, THE GATES WILL BE CLOSED. No ifs, ands, or buts. Plan accordingly and it should not be a problem.
- Arrive with the people you want to park with, there will not be any room to leave empty parking spaces open. (see pics below for parking lots outside of the show that you can congregate at prior to arrival)
- Judging will be done by the attendees and will begin at exactly noon. Those who arrive past noon will not be allowed to register for judging.
- We will have porta-potties within the show and more food vendors as well.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or vendor please contact the club for further details. Space is limited but arrangements can be made.

Please forward any questions or comments to [email protected]


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come on North East....!

p.s. It's friggin cold up here, so if you live in a warmer part of the world, go outside and wash your car for me, because I can't without my tires freezing to the ground, causing me to partially burn my clutch in order to release the vehicle from the asphalt.'s really happened.

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damnit, i wont be home till april22nd. this sucks, why do i miss all the good events.

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I might be in on this. I'll have to wait and see what finals are going to be like. Sounds like a fun time, and it's been a long time since I've been down in that area. Blackfairlady, are you going to be in CT this summer? I'm trying to get some people together for the American LeMans Series race at Lime Rock in June or July. Sorry to go off topic.


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Blackfairlady, are you going to be in CT this summer? I'm trying to get some people together for the American LeMans Series race at Lime Rock in June or July. Sorry to go off topic.

Yeah, I should be around.

I don't know what the LeMans series is, but I have some decent connections with people with Zs and Gs, among other nice cars, so let me know what's up with that.

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Heated garage?'re making me feel bad :(

Mine's ice cold. At least I have a garage. Some of my friends don't.
Think its Optimum No rinse. It has gotten a really good following on You don't need nearly as much water.

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i went to the uconn car show, i didnt bring my car, we took my girls BMW 335i instead, i saw some nice Z's tho, who's Z has the carbon fiber roof? i have been interested in getting this for my Z too.
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