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Hi Guys,

I´m from Germany and I stay in Lehigh Acres Fl. I like to buy an ATI Supercharger for my 350Z.

Here are my questions:

After installing to I need to reprogramm the ECU?
Which optional electronic Instrument should I install also?
Where can I buy the product here in Florida near Lehigh Acres?

Who can give me some tips or information todo the installation?

Alot of question - yes - but thanks for your help in front.


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The ATI Supercharger kit comes with an FMU by aeromotive and you don't have to reprogram your stock ecu.

I would suggest purchasing an emanage or safc for further control of the fuel.

I can't think of very many places in Florida off the top of my head but I have a company that buys from me that you could call.

Nippon Power

Ask for Robert/Richard

tell them Jon from Protech sent you... They will take care of you

Or you could buy it from me and I'll ship it to you....

And the final question....
The ATI Supercharger kit comes with instructions for installation..... The only tips I would give are make sure you secure all the couplings and be careful doing the belt... make sure it is tight but not too tight if you know what I mean.

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