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Assistance Needed

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I've just spent 6 hour trying to wire in my lovely new Defi gauges most of which when well, except for getting power to the Defi Link Controller. I hate these new fancy cars and their fancy electronics you need to be an Electronics Engineer to do any thing on them, anyways I was unsuccessful in making any sense of it at all, I mange to stuffup the turn sign lamps in the combination meter (the indicator lamps above the tachometer) but thanks to no good luck on my part the actual indicators are still working, you see I was using an US Workshop Manual for the 2003 model car and none of the colour codes match what's on my 2003 Aussie spec car. So does anyone have a copy of the 2003 Aussie Workshop Manual or have access to one so I can get the correct info for our cars, my other option is to buy one, but at $360 ouch, is anyone willing to go in on a copy and share the costs the more the merrier 10 would make it $36 a nice Christmas stocking gift. :shiftdrive:
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It's been a while since I fiddled with wiring... sounds fun....not!

My guess is you need those Oz wiring diagrams and I'd guess Peter from SportsCar international has them.

Call him on 02 9328 6588
:doh: If they come from the same friggin' factory, why is the wire color different? Do engineers have to make it that hard?
Are the American Z33's manufactured in America? The Australian-spec Z33's are made in Japan.

Given that they're LHD vs RHD, its quite possible they're not made in the same place.
Ours are made in Japan as well. Could be a different plant though. The US-Spec Z33s recently moved to a new one I think
Apsilon's response sound very feasible.

WRT contacting Peter at SCI, don't bother as he won't be back at work until the 2nd week of January and I doubt that anyone else there can help you to the extent that Peter does.

What wires are you after ? and where do you intend to tap into them.


There are five wires to be connected to get it up and running.

Link Controller II Connections

1. Red wire - 12V Power continuous ( for memory functions)
2. Orange wire - 12V IGN On
3. White wire - Lights On
4. Black wire - Ground

Link Display Unit.

1. Green Wire - Speed input


I was thinking of connecting these wires to the Unified Meter/ACC amp and have the US manual using the M49 connector, pins #21 for continuous power, #22 for IGN, #26 for vehicle speed signal (8-pulse), #29 for negative ground and I'm not sure where to connect for the lumination.

Do you have access to the Aussie manual, could you check these pinouts functions and there corresponding wire colour codes.

Many thanks. :thumbsup:
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Whith the exception of the speed input, all of the other inputs that you need are very simple to find with a test light & no wiring diagram is needed.
I would like to help you in locating the speed pulse but I am out of the country until next year & dont have access to my manual.
Please don't get upset, but to have taken 6 hours & you now have messed up wiring suggests to me that this is not a job you should be doing.
nizmo pete

No worries I'm not upset, and yes it should be a simple job, using the US manual was a mistake. I have fixed the small problems from my first install attemp, a blown fuse caused the problem with the turn signal indicator lamps on the combination meter. I am quite capable of do this job once I have a copy of an Aussie spec manual, the six hours is probally an over statement of the time I spent as taking out the centre console and reinstalling was a little bit tricky, I did'nt want to scratch any surfaces in the process, sure an auto electrian would have done it quicker but I like doing the work on my car it's all part of the owning experience plus I get to know more about the car.

If you have a copy of the Aussie manual any chance of you emailing me the DI section it's a pdf file on the CD, that will have all the info I need. :thumbsup:

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