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Once again we will be going to the track tonight to get a few runs in..Cool sunny weather herehoping for low 12s on drag radials!!!I shall keep you posted as soon as the boys get back from Long Island.. :bump:
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Nice run, it was a decent launch, but it sounded like you just barely bumped limiter in 1st much boost does this kit run out of the box? And what mods did that car have besides TT? You guys never posted the dyno numbers? Did you ever dyno the car? Great job guys keep up the good work :thumbsup:
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@Oct 27 2004, 06:41 PM
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As far as I know, I think that time was on stock tires!!

Makes you wonder what Jay at MRC will be capable of when the car is tuned  :shiftdrive:  :thumbsup:
No kidding!! They've got to be putting over 400 to the wheels already. Someone else was running a Greddy TT with 780 hks injectors putting 467 hp to the wheels and only ran a 12:12 (street tires though). I think he was running over 9psi on the boost as well. That right there shows you (me anyway) the difference in performance between the two kits. [/quote]
You cannot compare slicks to a car on street tires. Im not surprised 7 psi gets them a 12.1 compared to Phunks car who your thinking of who runs 12.1 @ 118 on street tires. Phunks car is running more boost and makes slightly more power, as you can see by his 4 mph higher trap. Give him slicks and he's 11's easy. Give the APS kit 9 psi and street tires and the times will be similar to the Greddy-Id say slighly quicker, but at the cost of a few thousand $$. BTW I am in no way knocking on the APS kit, I think its an awesome out of the box kit, and if I had the $$$$ for it I would get it over the Greddy kit.
He had a slight crack in one of the pistons and was burning oil....I havent heard any progress on his new block going in the car. Did you guys get to dyno the APS kit or no?
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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