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Here is our latest dyno chart for Jasons TT kit. his har is a stock engine with 68,000 miles on it and 8000 of them since the tt install.We just got tuned the other day and hit nearly 400hp 400tq!!!This is at about 8psi on 93 octane..


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:clap: Very nice! Think you guys can tweak some more out of it?
Is this on stock internals? Nice numbers!
So, you guys hadn't tuned since the install, or you just tuned it again after 8k?

Are you guys on stock cats?

Nice curve that's for sure.

Yes Nis350ZTT...they just put the kit on Jason's car without any internal upgrades. They are supposed to be doing 2 other cars also, but with internals and such.

Yes this is a stock block, only mods are test pipes, Injen exhaust, and a UR crank pulley... We just got back from the track and I ran a 11.82 @118 !!!!! I will post my time slip and video's soon!!
Great numbers guys! :clap:
Impressive result!

Why is there the big dip at 5500rpm?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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