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APS Plenum

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Anything new on this?
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Spring? Dang! I thought they said November 04.
Originally posted by nismoz33@Nov 22 2004, 12:08 PM
the new plenum will be released in Feb 05....they had to delay the release due to redisgn....they are incoporating room for the 6 stock injectors so that if you go with their turbo kit, which comes with upgraded fuel injectors, you can add the stock 6 to their plenum and have a fuel system capable of 900chp.  These additional injectors will aslo help provide adequate fuel at low rpms and normal street driving....I cant wait until this plenum is released....

That sounds like the APS is the plenum to have! Any info on pricing?
Originally posted by nismoz33@Nov 22 2004, 02:17 PM
$395 is what I have seen on a couple APS dealer site's linked from APS' website.  I dont know how accurate that is and I don't know if that price include the APS high rise strut bar required for the APS plenum....I am expecting about $500 for both.....maybe slightly more.

I don't require the strut bar (G35C) so $395 doesn't sound so bad. :shiftdrive:
I thought I read somewhere that JWT was developing a plenum too. It would be nice to get a side-by-side comparison with the APS unit.

Okay... It's the last day of February 2005. Where is my plenum?!?!?! :biggrin:

Okay... It's the last day of February 2005. Where is my plenum?!?!?! :biggrin:
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Guys the APS plenum project is running behind schedule as APS engineers have been testing and re-testing a number of different plenum designs, I will post info as soon as I have firm information on the actual release date. :banghead:

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Thanks for the update Peter. Cannot wait to hear more...
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