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April 3 350Z-Tech Cruise / Meet

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Hi everyone. I may as well post a thread with the official details in here. I realise its a little late, but everyone knew it was on this Sunday and you only really need to know where to start with a little notice.

I'll start off with the meet.

Date: Sunday, April 3
Location: The Haven, Terrigal
Time: 11AM

This will be a brunch gathering for fish and chips, and to hang around and chat. I've scheduled it a little early as I'm not sure how busy it'll get up there, and it'll give people plenty of time to catch up.

There is a beach there as well, if people want to swim.

This time isn't a hard-and-fast deadline. People are free to show up earlier or later, as chances are the morning guys will get there a lot earlier than that.

Then there's the morning run

Date: Sunday, April 3
Location: Rofe Park on Galston Rd, Hornsby Heights
Time: 06:30 for a 07:00 departure

This run will take the scenic route up to Terrigal. The pace will be determined by the environmental conditions, traffic, and the collective pace of everyone who attends. I'm also leaving the route intentionally vague for now - I'll let people know on the day since we don't need the police knowing which way we're going and waiting for us.

People who attended the last cruise we had up Putty Road know that I may set a rapid pace at times, but its well within the capabilities of our cars and the conditions. I'll always keep an eye on the people in the convoy, and make sure that I only open it up a little in places where there's no population, turnoffs, and only for short periods of time.

I'd suggest as many people try and make this as possible. It'll be fun, and after commuting every day its time to put the sports back in your sports car.

I would ask that everyone who's coming in the morning get a CB radio. You can get one from Dick Smith these days for under $100 for a good one (or 2 for $100 for an average one) and it makes it a lot easier and cheaper to communicate with everyone, especially if we're in regions that don't have the best mobile coverage.

Lunch will be open ended. I'm not sure what else there is to do in Terrigal after we eat, but I might pack my notebook and bring my collection of car videos. If someone wants to bring a frisbee or other park-type games, that would also be appreciated.

Depending on how many people leave, and at what time, there may be a second scenic drive on the way back to Sydney (which will be far gentler due to the time and traffic).

Can people reply back letting me know which one they're likely to attend? If I don't get enough interest in the morning run I may cancel that, push the time to a bit later and have a bigger convoy taking it easy up to Terrigal instead.
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I'm want to make it to lunch but i'm double booked.

I think i'll still come i just may have to leave early. Just need to work the details out with the boss. :)
Scathing - I will go for a morning run, even if no one else is interested. If you are also interested in going, or others, then PM me the route and destination of where you want to go.
I'm happy to catch up with others over lunch at the Central Coast.
We can always just make it us two. I wouldn't mind testing out these new tyres, and while I would have liked to have the DS2500s front and rear the front pads were not cut properly and so they're going back to where I got them from.

Anyway, hope to hear a few more responses.
I'll go to the crusie, I might think about the run, but since I'm not a morning person it's most likely that I'll not make it.
You made it to the last one! :)
For people who don't want to go for a dash in the morning, you might want to meet up in northern Sydney at around 10:00.

Thornleigh McDonalds is the most popular launch point, since it has a large carpark, service stations surrounding it, and is only a few minutes drive up Pennant Hills Rd to the F3.

Take the F3 to the Gosford turnoff, and head down the road in a generally straight line. There are only 2 turns that you need to make.

1. When you pass Gosford football stadium there's a T intersection managed by lights. Turn right.

2. When you reach the end of this road (its going up a hill) there's a T intersection (I believe) governed by a huge roundabout. Turn right.

I'm not sure if the first turn is signposted properly, but the second one tells you Terrigal is a right turn at the roundabout.
PM me your mobile #, I'll let you know if I'm coming or not.
Scathing ...... be careful. I live just north of Hornsby and the last couple of weekends the boys in blue have been working the old highway in pairs. The first one was a motorcycle followed a few minutes behind by a highway patrol. Very sneeky. And they have been starting early
Probably won't make it to the morning run as my car's barely done 300kms and I'll just hold everyone back (I'm going to follow the Nissan manual's method of running my car in).

So if nothing out of the blue turns up , look forward to meeting you guys at Terrigal.
Thanks blue. Are they marked or unmarked?

Bearing in mind that they need a 3 second lock to get my speed, I'll keep the pace in mind during the straights that they can obtain such a reading.
Originally posted by dre168@Apr 1 2005, 06:15 PM
Probably won't make it to the morning run as my car's barely done 300kms and I'll just hold everyone back (I'm going to follow the Nissan manual's method of running my car in)

I didn't actually find the run-in procedure in the Z33's manual, so I followed my N15's instead.

Are you allowed to go over 100km/hr while running it in?

If not, my suggestion would be to take the Old Pacific Highway up to Gosford. That's basically where I ran my car in (I did close to a half a dozen slow drives there and back), and unsurprisingly the fear of not running my engine in properly is far more effective at keeping my speed down than law enforcement.

Maybe the RTA should just keep replacing my VQ35DE every 1000kms to stop me from speeding.

Anyway, the road's pretty twisty so its near impossible to keep a constant speed on there. You can exceed 100km/hr if you try, but its still an entertaining drive if you don't. There are a couple of longer straights near the towns, which you can use to cool down.
Guys - I've come down with a respiratory infection over the last few days and despite taking antibiotic the last 2 days, I am feeling worse today. I feel that I won't be in the best condition for an early morning drive, so I'll pull out of that so that I can sleep and recover instead.
By the same token, I'm not sure that I'll be well enough to even make the lunch meeting. Actually, come to think of it, its probably better that I don't catch up with you guys and share my infection around!
Pity as I was looking forward to meeting a few of the other Z owners on this forum that I have not met previously.
Anyway, I hope you all have a great day tomorrow and please accept my appology for my no show.
11 am at TERRIGAL (Skillion), RIGHT?


There's been a meeting, and it's resolved -
"everybody who doesn't show has to shout - NUFFY "LL put the money up and you all can re-imburse him next week."

The Committee.


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What about someone that's going to be there early bringing a bit of sticky-back paper so's we can write a name on it and stick or pin to lapels?

Otherwise we won't know who we are!




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Despite the best of intentions- we might not make it afterall. We're in the middle of preparing a car for Targa (an R32GTR- not a Zed!) and the clock is not our friend!

We'll see you if we see you - if not, have fun and stay safe.
Well, there goes my only confirmed morning runner.

The morning run is cancelled. A gentler cruise it is.

I will be at Thorneigh McDonalds at 10:00AM or so (for a 10:15 leave). I'll be taking the Old Pacific Highway up to Gosford at the speed limit.

For those of you planning on taking it slowly up there rather than a morning dash, I hope to see you there. It will be sedate cruise with some nice scenery, that beats the monotony of the F3.

Hope to see you guys there.
cops? hmm, i think i've to skip the run, my license doesn't have too many points left. And I'm not sure if i got any photos taken when i did the great ocean road. So it's crusie for me only.
Doesn't matter, Nuff. Just so long as you shout.

Frosty, no shouts from me, I'm unemployed at the moment. Next trip.
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