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Anyone Want An Alarm How-to?

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If there is enough interest I will do an alarm installation on a Z and do a detailed HOW-TO with plenty of pictures.. so even a newbie could do his own installation.

Let me know what you think

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absolutely. I am anxious to see what system you install (as well as what you considered). I plan to install one also, but am still at stage one of the research process.
O plz do i have a viper alarm that had on my maxima and when i traded it in i took the alarm off and when i went to go get it installed it costed 200... so i still have it sitting in my garage so plz do a how to
I think this will be good for everyone.. I posted almost a year ago about alarms on my350z, and I still get PMs with people asking me alarm related questions.

There are several alarms that I am considering so I will do some more research and document my findings. I will try to be unbiased and just lay out the facts.

You should be able to install your own alarm (assuming you are somewhat technically inclined and can follow instructions) by the time I am through.

This will be good for those that like to learn, and also for those that dont trust others working on their car.

Stay tuned.
ooh ooh ooh! Yeah, you gotta do that!
I've been interested in the CompuStar 2WSS alarm. I like the 1mile range of the remote and one guy on here posted he can make it pop the trunk and roll down the windows...
Plus they are like $220 on Ebay.
What's your timeframe tk?
well i am short on cash at the moment, that is the only thing holding me back. If i can come up with an extra 250$ i will purchase the alarm and get going on this. .. sorry for the hold up i just had some other crap come up and car mods slipped to the back of the wallet for a little while.
Now is someone wants to "FUND" this project...10$ a person x 20 people and i can do a kickass alarm install and give you such good pictures and details that a monkey could do the installation..

what do yout think

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I'd donate $10 for such a project with great pics. It would save me at least $300
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well if we can get a few more takers ill be all over this project.. say 10 people ?

i will eventually do it regardless, but if u guys would like to help i will get it going soon
this project just got put on hold.. I got a 300$ speeding ticket and a 300$ cell phone bill
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85 in a 65.. plus court fees and bs
Time to get a local GF!
Defensive driving man! Or did you do that in the past year?

Oh well, that sucks.
Maybe you can do a write-up on what's involved from your experience?
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well yeah im gonna do a write up everything that is involved but pictures are worth a thousand words.
On the topic of alarms,

my alarm (the unit) is working fine, but the **** horn is f'ed up. It's out of warranty. A loca dealer is probably going to charge me $100 to replace it. I see idential horns for $45 over ther web. i have no experience with mobil electornics (but i have been building my own PCs since high school) How hard is it to attatch swap out the old horn for the new one?
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