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The Skyline club is hosting another DECA day on the 25th of February. I've been to 2 of them last year and they were both a blast. The Skyline DECA day is competition day, so you get into cone-dodging courses straight away and all the runs are timed. They also use the back track, and also have a fair few head-to-head competitions in the afternoon.

Because of the nature of the event, CAMS (or AASA) license and car-club memberships will be required, as well as a helmet (which does not need to be worn on the skid-pan). Entry fee is $70, and they are limiting the entries to the first 50 ... and they will go fast so get in quick if interested. You can always cancel later if you can't come as there will be plenty of people on stand-by waiting for a spot.

Anyone insterested? Entry form can be downloaded bellow:

- DECA entry-form, 25/02/2006 (with Skyline club) (56Kb)

If you're not sure what DECA is about then look in the following threads as that still should have most of the clips up:

DECA - Skyline club 19/11/2005
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