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Anybodys z ever leak water when it rains?

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I have had my z for 2 moths and about 3 weeks after getting it we had a big rain, I got in the car after work and the floor board was wet. So i took the car up to the dealer and they leak tested it and both doors were leaking.. Needless to say I was upset . They ordered some parts and keep it one day and told me it was fixed. Well today it is raining and water is coming in the drivers side soaking the floor board so my car is at the dealer and I got a but ugly rental car. Ever since they told me it was fixed last time I could hear allot of wind noise on the drivers side..
2 months old and already have this kind of trouble. I have called nissan and voiced my concern and they are calling the dealer. I talked to the owner of the dealer today and he said a niisan rep is going to look at the car and if they cant fix it I will end up with a new car.
I'm sure they will give it back to me and tell me its fixed but now i feel like its always going to leak. I don't know i guess I'm disappointed in my z and nissan...

Just wanted to share my problems with you...
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Which dealer did you take it to? I took my car to Crown Nissan in Hoover when I had a few problems with my window and they were extra-careful with my car. I've never seen a dealer treat a car how mine was treated. If your dealer can't do it for you, maybe take it there? :dunno:

I hope it gets better for you man.
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