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Any Shops with Dynos in Orange County, CA?

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I'm looking for a shop in Orange County that maybe anyone has had some experience with or knows of. Any help is greatly appreciated. Looking to get my baseline numbers right now.

Thanks! :shiftdrive:


BTW-It's my one year anniversary here!
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well, dependant on where you are in so cal......i know a few in orange's automtive is near long beach they tune and dyno, here's the link for church's:

if you're closer to southern orange county, you could go to dynamic autosports.....i think they're still in lake forest, here's the link

personally, i've been to church's, sean is a good guy....when i had my turbo tC, i took it there to get it tuned and dynoed.....i think for some base runs, its like 3 dyno runs, for $75....forget exactly though! hope this helps
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