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Any regrets on your 350z purchase?

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Any regrets on your 350z purchase?

Any options you wish you bought or wish your didn't get?

I'm going to buy a 350z touring 6-speed in the next couple weeks here and just wondering if there was anything I should know?
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I've had my Z for a year, and have absolutely no regrets with it.
I am still getting compliments on the car all of the time, the car itself runs great, the aftermarket support is growing, and other z owners are friendly and helpful.
NO REGRETS WHAT-SO-EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! :chorusline: I love my Z and I am never getting rid of her!!!!!
No regrets at all. Have had it for a year and a half now
No. Wait, I mean **** no! :cheers:
Yes, that I did not get two!
ZZero, get it :lmfao:
I've had mine a year and a half. No regrets here.
I have had my Z for about 1.5 years, and ho only one regret - waiting a few thousand miles before investing in a clear bra.

Trust me, get a clear bra on your Z as soon as you get it. Do not have the dealership install it, as they will most likely not do it right, and overcharge you. Find aprofessional in your area and let that be your very first mod.

P.S. Love the Z!!!! :biggrin:
Year and a half now......Only regret are the three speeding tickets.......I had a 2000 Vette convertible, paid 52,000......After owning my Z, I would have paid the same as I did the Vette......p.s. Don't tell Nissan this...:)

:stupid: I would have done the same thing. I still don't have a clear bra and my front looks like I drove it through a chain-link fence
You know I do have one regret, I should have bought a enthusiast model instead of the performance model. The dealer told that the performance model holds its value better but that does not matter to me cuz I'M NOT SELLING IT!!!! :shiftdrive:
my only regret is that I didnt get it sooner :)
One regret...well, ok two.

1. Color: I knew better than to get black, but I just couldn't resist it.

2. No Clear Bra.
I love my Z

I got the clear bra right after I got my 2004.5 Enth. 6MT in July, still have not seen another car I like better for what I was willing to spend on transportation.
Maybe I regret not waiting for the 05 but only because I want the heated mirrors (and I may add this latter).


my sentiments exactly - got mine over a year ago and just continue to enjoy and have fun - usually after a year I get board and look for a new toy....this one's gonna be around for awhile!
I have a 05 Touring AT/Nav and my only regret is not driving it more often...and living in Nor Cal where you have to drive a distance to get any mods done properly... :shiftdrive:
My only regret is that I didn't get the track model. Instead I purchased the performance which is still awesome. But with the added power of twin turbos I could stand to have the added stopping power the brembos offer....which is really not that big of a deal if you can afford the extra 4400 for stop techs.
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