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Another Z owner here

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Hey all... I came to this site for two reasons. One because I've been lurking around, and finally decided to register. I've been a Z owner for a year now, I have a 2004 Nismo edition 350z in Chrome Silver. Unfortunately, the Nismo wheels were just recently stolen, so I guess I can't say it's a "Nismo edition" any longer. I do have the Nismo exhaust, and a few other things, but I feel she is no longer "whole." lol That is the other reason I am here, to post up a notice about the theft. But I'll do that in the proper forum.

I'll be adding a few other things to the car in the coming week, so I won't post up any pics until it's done. But she will definitely look hot! :)

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Hi, Lisa! :wavey: Sorry to hear about your loss! :cry: That's a shame. How did they get stolen, and was the Z damaged?

Glad to have you on board and posting. I hope you stick around and let us help you out in any way. :cheers:
Welcome aboard. I think you will find the members here very helpful. Many members frequent a lot of different sites. If someone tries to sell your wheels on line, someone here will probably see it and give you a heads up.
:welcome: to the forum, I'm sorry to hear about your wheels :cry:. I will keep an eye out for them on all the other forums and ebay in case they turn up there. Hopefully you will have some new shoes for your baby soon. Anyway, welcome again, and if you need anything don't be afraid to ask! :wavey:

welcome. hope my advice about the wheel locks didnt upset you. two people jumped me for it, but I am pretty sure you took it as advice and not offensive. Welcome once again!
:welcome: Lisa! I'm sorry to hear that your wheels were stolen. Looking forward to the new pics!
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