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There is an annoying rattle coming from the passanger side, rear hatch area. It gets worse at highway speeds. I can't seem to locate it!! Anyone else have this problem? Help me before I go insane.
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not me, i just have the dang dash rattle that gets really annoying
When you find it, give it a good punch. That makes mine go away at least for a few hours, if not for a few weeks... Good luck.
I have the same thing sometimes. I think it's the jack back there mine is loose and I can't get it any tighter.
I had a similar rattle. It WAS the jack and the other crap back there. I know this sounds kinda ghetto, but I packed polyfill around everything under there. That rattle is gone.
I checked out the jack. It seemed to be secure. I moved it aoround a little, and then lost the handy velcro strap. I guess I will try the polyfill approach. Wish me luck. If all else fails, I will punch it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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