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Hello everyone, Creighton here. I am currently trying to put the finishing touches on my interior that I've been working on for about two years now. I told myself time and time again the very last thing I'll do, after ripping every console and door panel off, painting, stripping and sanding endlessly, that I'd eventually do the easier upgrades last (Shift knob and e-brake cover).

I recently ordered the above brake cover. I was able to install the Sparco shifter with ease, but the e-brake cover is giving me issues.

I don't know where to begin. I've searched through the archives again and again and have yet to find a conclusive, in depth thread that was able to provide me with any information.

I know I will have to destroy the factory brake cover, that much is easy, what do I do after?

Much thanks in advance, Creighton
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