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After 5 month wait....finally here!

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Its a 5 month waiting list in the UK at the moment for 350z's and its finally here. Picked up on the 30th Sept and really loving the car. Took a bit of getting used to the power delivery (previous car a '91 porsche 944 turbo) but feels as quick. Getting married next year and planning on an APS TT kit after, should have a better idea on the performance/pitfalls (if any) on it. Got the Nismo kit/filter and rad cap as extras with the Rays wheels, looks the dogs B's even if I say so myself. Have read about plenum problem (60/40% split). Is it worthwhile looking at a replacement, have heard of crawford and APS kit, any views on which is the best to go for.

Are there any problems that are common with these cars, anything I should keep my eye on? Or are there any mod's that you guys would recommend?

All feedback appreciated.



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Congrats and it looks great!!! one issue that there has been is the tire feathering, as far as if they fixed it on the new models, i amnot sure of. keep your eyr on the window motor failing, clicking fromthe rear axel, grease marks on the windows, and thats all i can think of right now.

APS is making a plenum i believe so maybe you should wait until this comes out.
Welcome to the forum!
Your background in the pic reminds me of Ipswich.

Anyway, I think the APS kit will be your best bang for the pound. I would not get the Kinetix plenum but rather the Crawford. Personally, the metal will hold up under boost better than the plastic.

Your car looks awesome! Congrats on the purchase!
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Looks great! Did you put the body kit on or did you buy it like that? Also Kinetix is making an aluminum manifold/plenum, it should be out soon. Where abouts in the UK are you? I spent a length of time in Amersham, Bucks as an exchange student, and have traveled all over England and Scotland. Welcome!!!!!
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Cheers guys.

Thanks for the feedback.

Bought the car with the kit on, white reflectors, and all the trim inside to go with the leather (gt pack) ie, aluminium entry guards and vent trim, mats, boot tray etc. Had a slight problem with the dealer. Got a phone call to say the cars was ready but that there was a slight problem, the salesman had only gone and ordered it in Gunmetal! Went along to the garage to have a look and almost took it but glad I stuck to my guns and went with the original choice of colour. It looked great in gunmetal but silver/grey are a real common colour in the uk and also all the detail (rear strut, side Z's, wheels) did not stand out the same as on the orange. Tried to take both for the price of one but suprisingly the garage said no!

Live near Middlesbrough (north east of UK) in Billingham, picture taken day I got it outside my brothers house. And yes (for all my American friends) it is normally that dull/overcast/depressing, but what the ****, at least I don't get sunburnt!

Nice colour on jinxxycats Z, I take it its a picture of yours. What is it, looks like the effect you get on some TVR's.

Catch you later.....
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Thanks Gav for the compliment, the color is Brickyard, they only produced it for the 2003 models and quit making it. I don't know if it was even available in the UK. The color of your Z is called LeMans Sunset here in the states, is it the same there??? Glad you stuck to your guns
and held out for the color you wanted! Ah yes, it IS that dull/overcast/depressing there in the UK, and also here in Pennsylvania during the winters too, but we get snow and lots of it....
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Sunburnt orange is the colours name I think, can't remember 100%. Get a bit of snow here but turns to black slush in about 10 minutes, looks crap. Steelers fan by any chance? Supported the Skin's since early 80's when we first got coverage, bit crap at the moment but Joe will pull us through.

C ya.
LOL Go STEELERS! I actually got to watch one superbowl while I was in England one time on a trip, early ninties. It was so strange b/c they only showed the "action" and took the length of the game down to like an hour.
Welcoem aboard Gav. I see most people have answered your questions so far. With the plenum thing I would wait a couple months and see what the new ones that are supposed to be out will be like.
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