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Aeromotive Fuel Management, Intake, Serpentine Belt, Air Diversion

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Hey guys,

I am trying to make room for my new Supra project and this extra stuff on my floor is making it really hard to sqeeze the Supra into the garage. I mostly just want some of this stuff out of my small, cluttered garage. Help me rid myself of it, eh?

I'm selling the Aeormotive FMU that came with my ProCharger since I went the route of a Split Second Box. I installed it just incase the SSbox wouldn't work with the Procharger pump. I didn't wanna be screwed when I got to the tuner. But it did. Make a decent offer and its yours.

I've also got the stock intake pipe, air box with brand new filter (2K miles), and air diversion thing for the intake. (SOLD)

I have a spare, also new serpentine belt. I know, not much call for a belt (or any of this stuff really). I needed a longer one for the ProCharger so this is just another spare part Pay the shipping and you can have it. That'll at least save someone 50 bux for the belt.

PM me, Call me (406 939 1433) or email me ([email protected])

PS: Sorry about the cotton on the floor of my garage... **** cotton wood trees. Cotton not included.


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