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Adding Sub/Amp to stock system

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I have a 03 Track Model. I want to add a 10" sub and an amp. I have the factory navigation system.. what is the easiest way to add an amp/sub. does the factory HU have a sub output. do I have to pull it out?

Also, can the stock system be made to play DVD's or XBOX?

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I'm kinda looking to do the same thing w/ my 03 Track but I don't have the nav. From what people have told me, no, the stock head unit does not have sub outputs.

As for the DVD/Xbox question, I believe you'll need to get a new head unit to play DVD's. But given that this only has 2 seats....does your single passenger really need to play Xbox while you drive? :p
I've got an 03 Track. I gutted the factory sound system and rebuilt from scratch. Eclipes 8443 Head Unit. JL Audio XR Components, JL 350z Stealthbox and JL 450/4 Amp.
I'm using an aftermarket screen for the Game Cube. Works great, although I need to add an on/off switch for the power inverter in the center console.

I'd highly recommend removing the Bose system all together. I looked into adding a sub/amp, and it was near impossible. If you don't want to sacrifice trunk space for a large enclosure, you can have a single JL W7 fiberglassed into the stock subwoofer location. Should run about $700 for that.
I just went with a JL Audio Stealthbox like Fleshrot did. I ran it with a 500/1 amp off the stock non-bose head unit. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Replacing the sub in the factory enclosure with one that is actually going to pump some bass is going to require a lot of hard work. You're going to have to have the enclosure fiberglassed in for a decent subwoofer because it is wide open back there and the sub will not sound right.

For sound quality, you're going to have to use trunk space.
Also, you're going to have to buy an extra dvd player or replace your stock head unit altogether. The factory screen will play dvd's if you hook it up to a player though I do believe.
i can to a line level convert with 2 of the channels, has anyone thought of this idea to keep the stock system and sace some cash?
I did line level in a previous vehicle install. It will work OK for a subwoofer, but I wouldn't recommend it for components. Sound quality is greatly compromised.
I have the stock Clarion head. I used line level inputs to the sub-amp which mounted behind the stock 10" mounting enclosure.

I tried to tap into the driver side mid for the line level input but this proved too difficult. It was much easier to tap into the line level inputs at the head unit, running the leads through the center counsole.
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