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Howdy folks,
2006 350z 75k miles Touring
New member here, Just wanted to get some insight, I'm hoping I won't have to do much but probably will, unfortunately.

So my car has been hesitating to accelerate. One day I got off work and floored it and it slowly got up in the RPM, I noticed my Cold air intake was missing a screw so I screwed it back in thinking it was the issue. I don't think it was. The intake is old and has a slight crack near the opening so I'm not sure if it's getting more air than suppose to.

I recently lowered the car to ebiatch sports springs if that's what it's called, so I'm not sure if this could have any effect.

My theory is that it's stuck in some "limp mode" I'm been looking around at. The car thinks it's slipping so it won't let me gas it. I went into a parking lot and did a donut, VDC light on and SLIP light on. Turned car off and on and she was working like before. Two days later I get off work on my way home the same thing happen, went to a parking lot, did a donut and she was working like before again.

I'm not sure what to do, Honestly really stumped here as I'm still a fairly new Z owner. CEL is on but it's for a neutral safety switch, and my tire sensor is on because of aftermarket tires.

Any help/Suggestion are greatly appreciated.

Here is a video of what it was doing, not sure if you'll get much out of it.
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