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be on the lookout for this guy. I saw this on Frenzy and motoring, this guy took some people for their money. I copied this from frenzy jsut so you can see how this guy posts:

bmwk1d said:
ADMIN NOTE:   I have left his post to provide an example of how he operates. Please warn others....

"FS: CAI, Exhaust, Coilovers, Sway bar kit, headers

All parts are off my 03' 350z...I just bought a M3 and put a deposit on a supercharger but want to pay it off to get it going.  So im looking to sell everything fast! Some of the prices are really good, since I got them wholesale from a friend who owns a shop. Please email me at [email protected] to make some deals!! Pretty much on here to sell the parts, then to the BMW forums!

Injen ® Cold Air Intake Polished-- $150
350Z Injen SES Exhaust System-- $500
HKS  Hipermax LS Coilovers-- $800
Eibach 350Z Performance Sway Bar Kit- $200
DC Sports Nissan 350Z Headers  NEW- $220

Please email me! thanks! [email protected]
do not buy or send this guy any money at all. From what i read he has hit a few other boards with this as well, be sure i will be on the lookout in the classifieds for this one

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the guys at motoring r tryin to hunt this guy down and get a members money back but it seems this person has more then 1 name and/or adress but were gettin closer! well find him and get him for screwin someone out of their money!

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This is just a friendly reminder - for when this creep is ever caught!


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