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6.5 kappa perfect quality?

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I heard that Infinity makes some SICK stuff, just wondering if their top of the line Kappa Perfect Component speakers are any good? and can they just be run off of the Head Unit or do they NEED an external amp?
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The are VERY good. They NEED an external amplifer..

These are rated around 100-150watt RMS.. The factory headunit is pushing around 12wattRMS.. Aftermarket head units are pushing ~25watt RMS..

I would recommend just getting these for the front with a 100wattx2 amplifer.
Yes, the kappa perfect line is an excellent line of speakers, it uses and aluminum woofer cone compared to the standard polypropylene which is very accurate, but for some can seem a little bright. The speakers are a bit pricey, I think they go for something like $550 (normal retail)? Im actually going to be buying a pair direct from infinity in a few months, but if you knew how much i get them for i think you'd kill me! In terms of power, i would highly recommend and external amp so that you have about 100 watts going to each seperate speaker. They could be run off just the deck, but you really are selling yourself short of quality and sound when you do that, and its stressing on the speaker/deck. Hope this info helps and I hope you grab a set, they sound great.

P.S. from the installs ive done, the crossover kind be a hassle to mount since its so large, but with some minor trimming on the inside of the door panel you can make it fit on the Z's.
I got the crossover to fit in my door.. just see my speaker install how-to

You should NEVER pay anything close to MSRP ($550) These speakers go all day for ~200 on ebay.. I too got mine directly from Infinity and payed less that that
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im guessing you got yours for the same price infinity is offerin me, not too shabby at all, haha.
do they compare to diamond audio or focals?
yes, very similar to diamond audio... Infinity has a very firm background in home audio.. They have some of the best speakers you can buy (well in the affordable range)
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