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5Zigen FN01R-C's??

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Like the topic says, I am looking at getting these wheels because they are very light and very cheap, probably in 18x9 all the way around, maybe 18x10 in the rear. If anyone has pics of them on your car please share.
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+1 on this!

I just purchased a 2006 black Z and I am looking to possibly get some bronze rims. The FN01R-C's caught my eye because they look good, they are light, and they are relatively inexpensive. realize they may not have that much of a lip, but I would like to see them on someone's car so I can make up my mind. Anyone have pics??

if you guys need em, let us know...can do some excellent 5Zigen deals as we are one of their biggest dealers in the country :)
hey Z1 Performance. Just out of interest, what could you do price wise on the 5Zigen FN01RC Gloss black with polished lip 18x8.5f 18x9.5r? maybe a package deal with tires? :biggrin:
check out the Zwiki - they have pics of the wheels and I think a few members pics

Zwiki Wheels page

they are a nice choice.
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