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Congratulations to Dave Daughtery and his Zorro Racing 370Z on winning the Touring 3 Runoffs title this past weekend at Laguna Seca. Daughtery put the Z34 on the pole with an all-out run in the third and final qualifying session on Thursday. He avoided a first lap melee that eliminated two top contenders from Ford and BMW, before another Mustang came up to challenge for the lead.

This was door-to-door racing at its best and Daughtery managed to fight back after losing the lead. He outbraked the Mustang entering T6 and took a lead he held to the checkered flag. It was his eighth SCCA National Championship and a first for the 370Z! This is the biggest victory for the Z34 outside of pro racing; here's a link:

Also, here's a few pics from another link for your viewing pleasure. The legend of the Z lives on!

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