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Before the economic downturn slowed new car sales - especially those of so-called “lifestyle” vehicles that often take a second or third place in a garage - Nissan predicted it would sell about 30,000 of its all-new 370Zs worldwide this year; the automaker has lowered that projection to just 10,000.

“The economic conditions we are facing today hit this kind of car much harder than those in other segments,” Nissan product strategy and planning manager Thomas Ebeling told Automotive News Europe.

Nissan does expect to increase Europe’s global market share of the 370Z compared to the outgoing 350Z. Previously, about 15 percent of Zs landed in Europe and about 80 percent made their way to Canada and the United States. Now, with its refocused 370Z, Nissan has the Porsche Cayman in its sights and it hopes that Europe will account for about 3,000 cars this year, a roughly 30 percent share of the global Z market.

“In terms of performance, on a dollar or euro-per-horsepower comparison, there’s no question we’re going after the Cayman,” Ebeling said. “That was the benchmark all along.”

The automaker recently unveiled roadster and dedicated performance Nismo variants of its new 370Z at the New York International Auto Show.
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