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Hi all!

Which aftermarket Limited-Slip Differential unit has the potential to get more miles with daily normal driving(rare track weekends) than that which is installed with the sports package?

Im upgrading my base 2012 370z

I was looking at the

1) Carbonetics (ATS)

Found: $1299
Type: 1.5 way
Engagement: Carbon Clutch
Notes: Chrome molybdenium steel housing and gears

2) Cusco Type MZ

Found: $875
Type: 1.5 or 2 way
Engagement: clutch
Featuring high tension chrome molybdenum steel housing and gears the Cusco LSD is up for the task of serious competition. With large oil windows for increased flow and Cusco's original groove cut technology for improved efficiency on the clutch plates, stability and longevity is promoted. The 1.5-way Type MZ utilizes cone plates to develop the initial torque and features full engagement during acceleration and partially under deceleration.

3) Cusco Type RS

List: $1182.60
Found: $1065
Type: 1.5 or 2 way
Engagement: Coil Springs
Low power loss means better lap times for even the mild tuned of cars. Chattering is kept low. Improved durability as clutch plates are low pressured. The LSD efficiency is higher with smoother oil flow between plates. According to CUSCO'S in house research, initial torque is 50 to 70% lower compared to the conventional cone plate type LSD enabling lower drive friction and better response.
Special precision springs, set in the pressure plate, assure steady coil movement. Clutch plates do not stick together like conventional cone plate type LSDs. Therefore less clutch plate wear or deterioration occurs.
The Type RS LSD had proved to be capable of competition use in the All Japan Gymkhana Championship without overhauling a single time during the season. With all drivers and teams finishing with good or championship results at the end of the season.


List: $995
Found: $845
Type: 2 way
Engagement: Clutch

5) Nismo

List: $1045
Found: $939
Type: 1.5 or 2 way
Engagement: Clutch
Notes: 3 stage initial torque selective (60%/80%/100%) can be adjusted without disassembling the LSD
The Nismo GT LSD is a 1.5 way (upgradeable to 2 way) limited slip differential designed to provide maximum traction that is most often lost in hard off-the-line acceleration. The unit will sense when one wheel starts losing traction due to track/road conditions, hard cornering, and/or torque steer. Once it detects the slippage, it will compensate by shuffling the power from side to side to overcome the loss of traction. This translates into better track or quarter mile times, and more efficient use of the engines power. On the 350Z/G35 the rear LSD is adjustable in 60%, 80%, and 100% lockup mode. This LSD is VCD compatible (although you will have to turn VCD off to enjoy the full benefits). The Nismo GT LSD is a full install kit, including everything shown, and is perfect for the base model 350Z adding an LSD.
Clutch-Type Design with 10 clutches on each side
Constructed with four pinion gears for improved strength (stock LSD has two pinion gears)
3-stage initial torque selective adjustable without disassembly
Plate-type 1.5-way LSD can be converted to 2-way LSD
Compatible on all 350Z & G35 Manual Transmission (with or without stock LSD
Compatible on 350Z & G35 Automatic Transmission when upgraded Final Drive gear is used (3.5, 3.7, 3.9)
Designed as a multipurpose LSD for city driving
Increased power for track or autocross conditions
2 x Output Shafts
2 x Differential Side Oil Seals
2 x Differentail Side Bearings
Differential Bolts
Differential Oil

6) OS Giken LSD.jpg

OS Geiken
OS Giken

7) Tomei

List: $990
Found: $839
Type: 1.5 or 2 way
Engagement: Clutch
Notes: For 350Z/G35 with factory Viscous LSD

8) Quaife

Part Number: 44.309.181
Found: $1313.99
Notes: The Quaife differential is a drop in installation for the "open" diff base model 350Z or G35 6MT. If you have the factory Nissan VLSD, you will also need a set of stub axles from a base model open diff 350Z. Nissan P/N 382200 AR000 Axle Flange

Any ideas?


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Any advice?

Did you come up with which is the best? i was looking at all those LSD's for when i purchase my Z and plan to upgrade.
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