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35th Anniversary to debute at SEMA

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why couldn't Doug listen to me and wait to go to vegas during SEMA? --->doug
<---me Not that I am complaining about going next week but it would have been nice to go during SEMA (and would have been the perfect bday present, now he has to get me something for Lucy!)

Very cool find Josh!
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anyone for a 350ztech meet at sema?
I went and I took pics from the nissan booth. The Z was there as well as other NISMO EDITION Z's. Also, I had the chance to play the new game Need For Speed Underground 2 that was over the nissan booth. I'll post a link to pics as soon as I can arrange them.
Here's the link of the pics I took at SEMA 2004. Enjoy!

Link to pics of SEMA 2004
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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