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Another 'car vs car' thread moved from This time it's my 350Z against the Mercedes C32 AMG.

Acceleration compariosions:
- Test #1: 10 - 130kph rolling start, both in 1st gear:
We did this about 4 times to see what is really happening, but it seems that the C32 AMG has a bit of lag in the computer/system and takes a little while to start moving. What that means is that 1st couple times we run, I'd instantly start pulling away in 1st gear. I'd get 1/2 a car straight-away and then about 1/4 a car-length before the end of 1st gear. Though, when I need to shift to 2nd gear, I would get a lot of wheel-spin and lose good 1/4 car-length. Then things were pretty even in 2nd gear, but I'd say that the Merc has a slight edge and creeps maybe a foot or two on me before the end of 2nd gear (ie. 100kph). Then I shift to 3rd, keep my 1/4 car-length lead, but the Merc is definitely a little bit quicker than me and is very slowly creeping up on me. By 130kph we are either right side by side, or the Merc is 1/4 car-length ahead. We did this a few times, and the results followed this pattern. If I could make 1st-to-2nd gear change quick enough, and without too much wheel-spin, then I think I should finish about 1/4 car-length ahead.

- Test #2: 15 - 120kph rolling start, both in 1st gear:
We tried running a couple times from a slightly higher speed, thinking that the Merc would take off a bit better. On one of the runs we really timed it well and took off with minimal loss to the Merc as we punched it. We stayed side by side until about 30kph, and then I pulled about 1/4 car-length of it before the end of 1st gear. Then I had to make the 1st-to-2nd gear-change where I got some wheel-spin again, and lost my 1/4 car-length advantage. Through-out the 2nd gear we stay side by side and even though there is slight movement between us, it is not more than a foot either way. The Merc probably pulls away about a foot, then makes a gear-change and looses a foot. So, I shift into 3rd gear and we are still side-by side. By the time we shut down,, we were doing about 120kph, but we were still very much side by side. There was no more than a foot between us, and I can't even honestly say who was ahead .... it was so close.

- Test #3: 0 - 115kph standing-start (350Z dropping the clutch from 3000rpm):
We figured that we'll try a standing-start run as well. We only did this once, and I dropped the clutch from just under 3000rpm (which resulted in way too much wheelspin in this cold weather), and the Merc was just punched off idle. So as I launch at ~3000rpm, I get way too much wheel-spin and spin the rear wheels all the way through the 1st gear. I had to short-shift it at around 6,000rpm to 2nd gear as the wheels just would not hook up. Still, even with that the Merc did not match my launch and stayed about 1/2 - 3/4 car-length behind through the 1st gear. When I shifted to 2nd gear, the Merc did not really make any ground up on me as this time I actually got some grip and my wheels stopped spinning. Through the 2nd gear there was nothing between the 2 cars and the Merc did not really make up any ground. I only shifted to 3rd gear for a second or so, and the Merc made up a foot or two at most on me before we shut down at 110kph or so. So, at the end I was still good 3/4 of a car-length ahead.

Was good fun, but I was expecting to get annihilated, in particular from the roll. I figured I could stay ahead from a standing start until the end or 3rd gear at least, but from the roll, I was expecting the C32 AMG to be always pulling away. Wasn't so as through the 1st gear the 350Z looked to be quicker, through the 2nd gear pretty much even, and in 3rd the Merc would be slightly quicker, but I'm not sure if it would pull a car-length on me before I'd need to shift to 4th .... though, we never went that far. I'm sure that as the speeds would increase, the more advantage the Merc would have, but I could not put that to the test in this instance.

One thing we did not try was to 'load up' the auto-box to launch it better, but my friend wasn't into it so we can only speculate how much that would have helped.

ps. My car has the Hi-tech exhaust and K&N filter. Also, there was only the driver in each car.

C32 AMG impressions:
It goes without saying that the car rides really well and is very refined, comfy and all that. It seems to corner pretty well also for a car like that... and it certainly moves. He took me up to around 170kph or so and the pull from around 90 - 170kph felt pretty intense.

C32 AMG specs/data:
3.2L Supercharged engine producing 260kW (at 6,100rpm) and 450Nm (at 4,400rpm). Weights 1635kg, so it's a reasonably light 4-door sedan with a powerfull engine, big wheels and big brakes. This is what the Motor mag managed out of it (so it's a quick car):
- 0-100kph = 5.21sec
- 400m = 13.49sec @166kph
- 1000m = 24.76 @ 218kph
- Winton lap = 1:45.59
- Wakefield (long) lap = 1:16.72 (ie. about the same time as Integra Type-R, and 0.7sec off the S15 200SX time)

It comes only with a 5-speed gear-box. First 3 gears are similar to 350Z, but the C32 starts getting 'taller' from 3rd gear onwards ... in a way it just skips the 350Z's 4th gear. The gearing for the C32 AMG is:
- 1st gear = 61kph
- 2nd gear = 103kph
- 3rd gear = 161kph
- 4th gear = 227kph
- 5th gear = 275kph (though it's speed limited to around 250kph).

C32 AMG articles:
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