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I am building my 350z VQ35DE engine for greddy tt td05h 18g kit. I am now buying forged internals: eagle H rods CP 8,5:1 pistons, new oem timing chain etc.. my goal is 500-550 whp. I have reseached the web but didnt found any stable answer...

1. Do I need the oil pump replace and what is the difference? (revup,nismo or cosworth).
2. Cranksahft, can hadle safe this power and does the bearing tolerances stay the same like factory?
3. tolerance for the pistons to cilinders?
4. Oem cams are good for fi?
5. Which comp: greddy emanage , haltech or turbo xs

Thanks guys

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Welcome to the site. Post up some pictures of your car and your progress…

#1 - replace your oil pump with a rev-up model. Oil is the blood of your turbo systems and the pump does the work. so don't take short cuts on it. When I rebuilt my block I went with the revup. I don't know the nismo nor the cosworth well enough. I would also consider scavenger oil pumps.

#2 - your crank shaft will handle ~700hp -so as long as it's balanced and in otherwise good shape you are good to go.

#3 - someone will correct me but I believe pistons & rods are first to go at or around 450-500whp. You will want to upgrade these for sure. You're cylinders will be fine up to 700whp. I wouldnt sleeve them if you are planning 550whp max.

#4 - ideally OEM cams are not the best for FI. They will work but if your block is apart than spend the money to revamp your camshafts. Jim Wolf Tech makes a variety of cams that are legit. At this time, have your heads rebuilt and upgrade your headstuds.

#5 - I would not consider turbo XS, consider Haltech or Uprev. Uprev is the easier to tune and will be less expensive in the long run but haltech is a great way to tune if you or your builder have more experience. The $h!+ thing with haltech is you will need to buy additional hardware to fully utilize it's features - such as the dual o2 sensor pack and/or the boost controller (and maybe you were already planning on buying these). Although, with Uprev, you will need to upgrade your Mass AirFlow sensor, where on the Haltech, you dont (Haltech tunes based off of manifold pressure)

Have you considered buying a crate motor from Import Parts Pro or Dynasty? You may spend a little more but they have excellent packages for a handful of options that you are looking at. I bought mine from IPP and was very happy with it.

If this was my build (and it was about 15months ago), I would add an oil cooler and upgrade your radiator too(which may require some custom fabrication) I found a hammy-down C&R radiator from a nascar team that is a dual radiator/oil cooler combo. I actually run two separate oil coolers.

You will need to add a return-fuel system (research CJM motorsports) and upgrade your injectors. I wouldnt go below a 700cc-800cc injector.

This build, to get to 550whp will cost you $25k when it's all said and done…I hope you have a bachelors of science in something...

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