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350z TT and GTR's

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Has anyone read or seen videos comparing the 350zTT and any skyline GTR?? I havent been able to find any. Any personal experiences welcome.

I had a modified R33 GTS25T and in the wet it was dangerous. Im assuming the 350z is the same? I have been umming and arring about getting a 350z with the TT setup, all because of traction issues. Its a difficult choice when you can get an immaculate R33 gtr vspec for the same money.

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You would probably get the R33 GTR vspec for less than a brand new 350z.

R33 GTR would be so much easier to get power out off, but a 350z TT would be so much classier :p
You also have to consider that R33 is 10 years old. I've never been a fan of the way skylines look, mostly the R33. I don't mind the R34. Also as the saying goes, you can't beat cubes. The only adventage of gtr that I can see is 4wd.
Skyline r32-r34 are far better cars than the 350's right outta the box. Much easier to tune since they are already turbo. Plus they have been tapped into plenty so its that much easier to go for big power. But to each his own. I know which one I would choose...just costs so much for the skyline in my position.
ozy, the thing is here in australia skylines are very common, at my work there are 2 of them compared to 1 Z. Also they don't stand out, when you look at a skyline it blends in with other sedans, it doesn't say "I'm a fast!". You have to know a lot about car to know their potential, most people at my work think that I've a $100,000 car and they think nothing of the skylines, they think it's just some 10year old sedan with 2 doors instead of 4.
This is funny. You guys are used to seeing a GTR and being able to own one. I would love to be able to buy one here in the US. The main reason I have a Z33 is because I had a Z32 and loved that car so much. After realizing HP potentials of certain cars. I would have easily gone for a GTR if I could. But since they are not sold here, I am making the most out of my Z33 as if it would be able to keep up with a GTR. It is cool to see everyone talking about differences between the GTR and Z33 considering that you have the luxury to buy both. Well if it counts, add me to the 350Z side only for the fact that mine will eventually match a GTR's potential.
Thanks for the comments. However has anyone read any articles on the 350tt setup compared to the GTR? Such things as 1/4mile time comparisons 0-100km times, torque output comparison, drivability of the 350TT in daily conditions? Additional costs of getting the 350zTT streetable, such as tyres, suspension, heavy duty clutch and so on.

I agree the R32 and R33 are everywhere, but still dont see that many R34 GTRs and they definitely dont look like your driving a slow car.

If you can get a R34 go for it, but if it is a R32 or R33 I would pass on it.
yeh i wouldnt go for an R33 GTR over a 350z with APS TT, but i'd probably go for an R34 GTR over the APS TT Z .. its **** hard decision, the main prob being the R34 GTR will already be ~5 years old and more $$$ than the Z..

[edit] Actually i'd probably stick with the TT 350z over a R34 GTR, but stock for stock, i'd take the GTR in a second
The only way your car can be "dangerous" in the wet is if you make it so. A lot of people modify their street cars to be quick "fair weather" vehicles, and then complain about how "dangerous" it is once they encounter conditions that are not unreasonable to assume for a regularly street driven vehicle. The car was perfectly docile in the wet when it left the factory, and the only difference since then is you and your efforts. If you're living in Queensland and it snows, and your car becomess dangerous, that's one thing, but any Australian metropolitan resident can expect rain.

If you're going to get a TT Z, get an EBC so you can dial down the boost in the wet. The car will still make more than enough torque to drive around town in, even if you leave the wastegates permanently open. Then its up to you and your right foot as to how dangerous it is. If you're stupid enough to go giving it a hoon in the wet then once again its not the car's fault, but yours.

Even then, the APS TT kit is so progressive its no more dangerous than driving a stock GTS-t or Silvia in the wet. If you plant it in a low gear its going to break away, but most 2WD cars will do that.

For the cost of a TT Z you should be getting an R34. You should be able to get an R33 V-Spec for the cost of a stock Z.
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I don't agree you can see more GTR than the Z these days, special in the southern eastern part of Melbourne. I almost seen 5-6 Zed everyday but hardly seen any GTRs. I agree there is a lot GTST around, but not the GTR. Yeah, all GTR does not look like a old box 10 yrs old saden. it is fatter, smoother..etc, Just like the M3 difference to the 318i. Unless you are one of those who know nothing about cars. People can tell the difference when they next to you (in a GTR) and hardly they will play with you.

Agree with you.... I wouldn't want to play with a GTR at all even I was in the M3... because the GTR could simply smoke the m3... no matter it is a E36 or a E46...

Hows your GTR going now man?! I hope you have already resolved the problem that you had with the ECU.... if you want to tune a GTR, I would say.. go for HyperTech... have you contacted them or do you want me to go in with you one day? Eric is like the father of the GTR in australia.... he knows everything single part from R32, R33 and R34 GTR..



noticing the r34 gtrs are falling in price especially the 1999 models. The technology of the r34 gtr is still too far ahead of the 350z to make it a fair comparison even if the Z has TT's
Actually the price of GTR's and the like will steadily increase in price from now on due to the new import laws now in effect in Oz. The Govt has further limited the importation of cars by private and registered dealers. Supply is still outweighing demand at this stage but this will change in the future and drive prices of 'exotics' higher such as the GTR.
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