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Hi again...let me apologize in advance for all of my newb questions, but I am just recently in the market to buy a Z, and I am sort of hoping for a new 2006 or a slightly used 2004-2005. Anyway, I am just curious as to what peoples' experiences have been with fuel efficiency in this car. I realize that the 2006 engine has a higher power rating than the previous years and the window sticker seems to indicate 1 mpg less, but feedback from any model year would be great. It's weird...while I am thirsty for lots of power and driving excitement, I am also very conscious of fuel consumption and wastefulness. Right now I drive a Mazda6 with a 6-cylinder engine, and I feel that it uses way too much gas and is grossly inefficient considering its meager 220 (supposedly) horsepower....but this 350Z has similar window sticker mpg rating for oodles more power and fun, so I am just wondering whether Nissan is blowing smoke with those numbers. My point is, I don't mind getting 18 MPG city driving if I was getting 280-ish HP out, as opposed to my mazda which MAYBE gets 18 MPG city driving and feels very anemic half the time.

Please post your mpg calculations, as well as what type of driving is behind the numbers. Thanks in advance!


Also, I do apologize if there is already a big Fuel Efficiency thread somewhere....I'm new to the forum and didn't know where to look.
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