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We have two terrific racetrack events next month. First, a three day weekend (Fri., Sat. and Sun.), Oct. 1 - 3 at Buttonwillow Raceway. We are running different configurations of the track each day, two days counterclockwise and one day clockwise, with the "bus stop" on Sunday, and the full back straight Friday and Saturday.

If you have never driven Buttonwillow, it is a great track. 3 miles, lots of challenging turns and elevation changes, but several straightaways too. Buttonwillow is on Interstate 5, northwest of Bakersfield.

You can attend one, two, or all three days. The pricing is kind of complicated, but here goes. If we get 10 or more Zs (that includes 350Z, G35 Coupe, and 300ZX TT), we get a better price. If we have less than 10 cars, the regular price is $150 for Friday; $170 for Saturday; and $150 for Sunday. If you attend two days, its $280, and if you attend all 3 days, its $390. Now if we can bring in at least 10 Zs, then we get free timing equipment (a $20 value) and the discount is for two or three days only. Friday and Saturday, is $250; Saturday and Sunday is $235; and all 3 days is $345 and you get a free t-shirt. If you are a newbie, you must have a driving instructor; that's another $30.

You can stay at one of the motels in the town of Buttowillow (about 10 - 15 miles from the track) for about $30/night. To sign up for this event, go to and select the Buttonwillow event. I think you will have to pay the full price to start, and if we get 10 cars, they will refund you the discount. To make motel reservations, go to, and go to the visitor information/lodging section for phone numbers of local motels. Be sure to bring your own bottled water.

OK, now for event #2. A weekend at Spring Mountain Motorsports Park in Pahrump, Nevada. It is 40 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Another great road course, 2.2 miles, 10 turns, plus some straights, and pavement is very smooth. It is on Sat. and Sun., Oct. 9 & 10. It makes for a great weekend because you get to stay in a Casino Hotel, and you can drive the racetrack all day and play craps, blackjack, etc. all night.

The price is $275 for the whole weekend, including 2 days on the track, driving instruction, lunches, bottled water and a T-shirt. I think you can go for only one day, but it's pretty far, so I think it makes more sense to do both days. Go to to sign up. I don't have any information on possible discounts; they may not be available.

The hotel is the Pahrump Nugget (866) 751-6500. I'm not sure what the rate is, but should not be expensive. Tell them you are with RacerFactory.

Please PM me if you have actually signed up for either event, as I need to keep a count of the cars that are definitely showing up.

See you there !!!


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