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350 Track Edition Programming

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Just wondering you can get the ecu in the base 350 programmed with all the parameters and what not the track edition comes with to bump it up to the 300hp mark. This has prob. been discussed before but I am a :newbie: so be gentle. Thanks a bunch yall.

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Its not only the ECU that is changed. The 300hp model has different cams and stuff too.

You can however get an aftermarket reflash to raise the rev limiter and kill the speed limiter.
I wouldnt be in such a rush to duplicate the 30th anniv/track hp numbers, as though it has 300 hp, it has less torque than the other models do. To me, the torque is more useful.

If you wanna make power out of your stock engine, you have a few options.. you can go N/A, and do intake, headers exhaust. > like $2500 when all is said and done.

OR, go FI, and supercharge for ~$4-5K and make twice the HP you will ever make NA.

If neither of these options sound good, leave her stock..
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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