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To all interested parties, I received the following email from Ray Stiles @ Pat Peck Nissan regarding the 2nd Annual Z day. Everybody is welcome to come....

Hey All

This is Ray from Nissan And I wanted to make sure everyone knows about
Saturday October 16 2004 at Pat Peck Nissan in Mobile Alabama we are having
our 2nd annual Z Day.
For all of those who attended last year THANK YOU and we are looking to have a better turn out this year. I am trying to hit the 60 car mark for this year (last year we had about 45-50 no matter the model Datsun or Nissan no matter the shape or condition) and help show the Passion of the Z car and community to more people. We will have giveaways again door prizes and awards refreshments and discounts on parts ordered that day we are also going to try to have some vendor(s) there as well.
We( Gabe, and myself seperate from Pat Peck) are trying to get a good idea on all of those that would be interested in doing a cruise after the show to have dinner and we have had a several people also interested in going to the track (1/8 mile) and showing the other people around here that import does not equal rice.

Please do not be shy send an email to Pat Peck Z day (<-click there) or if that does not work or [email protected].

We are trying to get back on the course again after the Ivan that hit us here so planning kind of took a week or so off do to home and personal responsibilities, but we are back and trying to make this a better event than last year.

Pictures I will have pictures there from last year I know I know I did say last year and we got off course on getting them on the web site for everyone to see so maybe this will be easier.

Thank You So Much in Advance for reading this and I hope to here from you all soon. And do not forget to tell a friend with a Z.

Ray Stiles [email protected] 1-800-888-5617
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