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While I might be wasting my time posting this, Nissan Motorsports has released the latest contingency award program for the 2015 SCCA Majors road racing program. Although the 350Z had been supported at a higher level as a "current" model in the past, for 2015 only the 370Z, GT-R and latest Sentra qualify for that status. That means the Z33 passes into the same category of racecar as older models like the Datsun 240Z, 510 or Nissan 300ZX and 200SX.

For the SCCA Majors series, properly registered Nissan Z33 racers can earn $250/$150/$100 for 1st/2nd/3rd placings, if there are at least five cars competing. Current model Nissans make double that for a 2015 race win, but winning a Majors season title in any conference pays $1,000 for either current or older model Nissans.

Since the Z33 hasn't been produced since 2008, I thought it was generous of the company to treat it as a "current" model up through last year. Not sure if there were ever that many Nissan racers on this board, but I wonder what others think of this change? Maybe the better question should be, are there ANY other Nissan racers on this forum?
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