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2008 Hr Cylinder 1 Coil pack Wiring

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i recently had coil pack 1 melt on me, got the wiring all cleaned up but i need to know the order to put them in the new connector
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Not sure what your question is? When you say that "got the wiring all cleaned up", do you mean you disconnected everything without marking where the individual coil packs connect? Also, how in the world did the coil pack melt?
Essentially the wires for the coil pack are "depinned" and im not sure what color wire goes where on the new connector. i have no clue how it meltes, cars been running fine wand one day i was in arbys drive thru waiting on food and it started smokin.
So, you depinned the plugs off the coil pack harness? Have you checked the FSM wiring schematics to determine where the new connector goes?
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