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2008 350 Z Enthusiast

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Greetings from Oregon. It’s good to be back. In September I got hospitalized with pneumonia and Covid-19 delta, spent 90 days in ICU, 3 day of being in the hospital my 04 350 Z was stolen by a so called friend. He destroyed my car. Literally. I made a police report upon my discharge from the hospital. Police found my car that same day. I went to the tow yard and wanted to cry! They stripped it. Wheels and tires,ECU, cats, stereo system. I had to leave it. It would have cost me 10 grand to get her running again. So I bought a new one 2008, Enthusiast, excellent condition, 80,000 miles. I’m 3rd owner. So it’s good to be back here and alive after Covid-19 almost killed me. Long love ❤ and respect,Eugene
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Welcome back, Eugene. Sorry to hear of your illness and Z travails. Glad to hear you're back in the fold and hope to hear how your HR-powered Z compares with your '04 DE?

What are friends for?

Any prosecution?

Welcome back.
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