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Hi guys, I thought that we might have some poeple here who'll be interested in attending some of the track days this year, and so I figured I'd post a calendar of all the local (ie. VIC) tracks days run by the various car clubs. There are mostly the clubs that I know, and hence know how they run the days, but at the same time I'm sure that I have not listed all the clubs, nor events so if anyone knows any others then please list them here.

ps. I'm more than likely going to the DECA day on the 25/2, and then the PI day on 11/3. That's about as far as my immediate plans go.

- 4th February = Calder, twilight (Alfa club)
- 4th & 5th February = Phillip Island (PIARC club)
- 5th February = Winton (Winton/BP Midland)
- 11th February = Calder, twilight (WRX club)
- 11th February = Winton (Ford Four Car Club)
- 12th February = Sandown (HSV club)
- 19th February = Winton (MSCA club)
- 25th February = DECA (Skyline club)
- 11th March = Sandown (MSCA club)
- 11th March = Phillip Island (WRX club)
- 19th March = Winton (Alfa club)
- 8th April = DECA (MX5 club)
- 1st April = Winton (WRX club)
- 9th April = Sandown (Maserati club)
- 23rd April = Phillp Island (MSCA club)
- 25th April = Sandown (WRX club)
- 30th April = Winton (HSCC club)
- 6th & 7th May = Phillip Island (PIARC club)
- 14th May = Winton (MSCA club)
- 21st May = Winton (Winton/BP Midland)
- 27th May = DECA (Skyline club)
- 3rd & 4th June = Phillip Island (PIARC club)
- 4th June = Sandown (MSCA club)
- 10th June = Winton (HSV club)
- 11th June = Sandown (WRX club)
- 18th June = DECA (MX5 club)
- 25th June = Winton (Maserati club)
- 25th June = Sandown (Ford Four Car Club)
- 2nd July = Sandown (Alfa club)
- 2nd July = Winton (Winton/BP Midland)
- 15th & 16th July = Phillip Island (PIARC club)
- 16th July = Calder (MSCA club)
- 23rd July = Phillip Island (Alfa club)
- 13th August= Winton (Alfa club)
- 26th August = DECA (Skyline club)
- 10th September = Phillip Island (MSCA club)
- 10th September = Winton (Ford Four Car Club)
- 16th September = Winton (WRX club)
- 24th September = Winton (Winton/BP Midland)
- 15th October = Sandown (Ford Four Car Club)
- 22nd October = Calder (WRX club)
- 22nd October = Sandown (Maserati club)
- 29th October = Winton (Alfa club)
- 11th & 12th November = Phillip Island (PIARC club)
- 12th November = Winton (MSCA club)
- 18th November = DECA (Skyline club)
- 18th November = Winton (Winton/BP Midland)
- 19th November = Winton (MSCA club)
- 25th November = Winton (HSCC club)
- 17th December = Phillip Island (Alfa club)

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Ray... you definitely need your car to be there!!! :) j/king...

For most of the track days, you just need a basic cams license and you can get one by subscribing to Nissan and Datson club...



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Man I would love to go to a track day, just how do I make it happen. Do I need special licensing or do I just rock up. Do I need anything else besides a helmet??

For the ones listed above you need:
- CAMS L2S license
- Car club membership
- Fire extinguisher mounted in the car (within reach)
- Helmet

That's about it. CAMS license can purchased for about $95 (for a year) just by filling in a form. Though, you do need to be a member of a car-club before you can get the CAMS license ... that is any car-club as you do not need to be a member of the car club running the event to participate.

Extinguisher has to be at least 0.9kg, and it can be bought from Bunnings for about $50. A lot of us have it mounted behind the passenger seat.

Once you've got the license, membership and extinguisher sorted then you can participate in any of the above mentioned events just by booking in a spot by filling in a form and paying the nominated cost. The cost is betweem $80 and $150 usualy depending on the club and the track. Also the entry forms are usualy released about a month before the event, and it's usualy best to get in early as most of these events have a cap on how many cars they accept.

ps. You can get onto a track without a CAMS license, car-club membership and extinguisher, but that would be either a 'fun day where there's be about 200 cars and where most of them don't know what they're doing. Or you do a track/performance course with one of the driving institutions. These are great, but will cost between $300 and $500 per day.
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