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What: I want to make the best possible NA 350z. The equivalent of a Porsche GT3 for a 350z.

Why: I love the NA engine and drivetrain. It is why I bought the car. If I wanted turbos, I'd have bought an STI. I get that there's more bang for my buck with Turbos. I do not care- for the same reason people buy the Porsche GT3 when a GT2 is more powerful.

Car: 2006 350z Track, 200,000km

- Needs to remain neutral to drive - I like the balance of the 350z
- Uses 98 octane or e85 flex fuel
- Keep torquey mid range (a defining characteristic of the VQ35 range)
- Completely streetable
- Aussie parts where possible
- No pointless aero or styling changes. I like the look of a normal 305z.

Current Power: 190 rwKW, 306Nm (Dynoed at Tunehouse, April 2015)

Already done previously:
- MCA suspension (Made in Australia)
- Front control arm bushes replaces
- Air Filter
- Piggy Back ECU

Mechanics Selected:
RP Customs - Excellent quality of work. They specialize in Evos. My brother in law uses them. They do not compromise on quality.

To deliver the objective the following parts have been selected. In order from Intake to Exhaust/Driveline

- Jenvey Individual Thottle Bodies

- Heads worked (valve seats bored etc) (sending to Canada)
- Cams and Valves TBD (Waiting on Jim Wolf)
- Bottom End Honed (Australia)
- ID 725 Injectors

- Link ECU (Flex Fuel) (from New Zealand)

- Tomei Exhaust Manifold (ceramic coated)
- Exhaust (TBD - custom made in Australia)

- Direct (Brand) Twin Plate clutch and flywheel (Made in Australia)
- Rebuild gear box (I like the gearbox as it is - it's fun)
- Quaife Mechanical LSD

Traction - do driveline first, test, then build traction package. Below is where my current thinking is at
- Keep MCA suspension (made in Australia)
- Replace control arms (TBD)
- RPF1 rims
- Wider rear and front track to manage the power

- Keep as is. The brembos are strong.

- Scoped project
- Detailled build plan (Excel)
- Rough Budget
- Driveline Out
- Ordered parts, sent gearbox to be built

I'll keep posting updates as we progress. I'm in no hurry.



Dyno 350z 159531km 20150415 Inteceptor ECU.jpg
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