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2005 Z engine differences

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I was wondering if the 2005 Z's would react different to aftermarket performance parts (or if the same from 03-04 would be offered for the 05) since the engine has many differences (on the track model at least). Would the APS TT kit still have the same characteristics on an 05 that it does on the 03,04??
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I don't see why not. I don't know all the diffrences but i would image that the hp they atained main came from computer tuning, things such as advancing timing and leaning the fuel curve. Because of that i think all the aftermarket would be the same.
There could be some major differences. Sure internal parts etc have been changed, and that is no concern, but I did notice on a spec sheet that the emission control system on the 35th edition mentioned 'closed loop' emission system.

If so, (and if different from earlier models) would mean the ECU will be harder to make changes to. It will always be self learning and using it's set of maps in it's memory.

I think you guys in the states now have LEV2 ?

Really need to confirm the differences in the emission control area before being able to answer your question.

I agree that there are likely going to be some major differences. I also agree that some things will be very similar to older models. For example, cams will likely see major performance differences because of the variable timing on the exhaust side that is new in 2005. On the other hands, a UD pulley is a UD pulley on any model. Same goes for intakes, flywheels and the like.

Other things like plenums would be harder to call ahead of time. You may be thinking that the plenum will do its job the same way on 2005 models and 2003. I would disagree because the lower plenum is different on the two models. This could make the performance change a little.

OK, what do you think about the APS TT kit?? Compatible with the '05s?
Dunno about FI, but I installed an Injen RD-1985P intake on my 2005 (Tour) Z, and the upper pipe O.D. fits *inside* the throttle body I.D. (the intake tube is about 1/4" smaller than the T.B.) The kit states that it's for the 2003 model, the Injen website says it's for the 2003, and 2004, and a call to their tech (thanks Ryan :yourock: ) told me that they're using the same kit for 2005.

However, Injen asked me to get together with their dealer to measure the intake O.D. on another box their local dealer has in stock, and my throttle body to see if there's a manufacturing issue, or if Nissan put a different T.B. on my Z and they overlooked something and need to make a product revision.

Obviously: small intake + large throttle body =/= HP gains... :doh:

OK, what do you think about the APS TT kit?? Compatible with the '05s?
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The '05 300HP models? Not yet, Peter is waiting on a Track/35th anniversary model to do testing with the ECU and etc.
We are talking the 300HP motors, the '05 287 motors are still the same. The 300hp models have a few differences (valve timing on both intake and exhaust sides, better flowing lower intake plenum, etc.).
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