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OK! Here we go!

I gottem!

I do NOT know lift / dur spec's on the new cams...

2005 Track LH Exhaust Camshaft

2005 LH Intake Camshaft

2005 Track RH Exhaust Camshaft

2005 Track RH Intake Camshaft

Connecting Rod & Connecting Rod Bolts

2005 Track Connecting Rod - Includes new Bolt

2005 Track Connecting Rod Bolt

Crankshaft: Uses the same connecting rod bearings and main bearings / thrust washers as other crank.

2005 Track Crankshaft Assembly

Cylinder Heads: Once again I do not know any spec's or flow chart numbers yet...

2005 Cylinder Head Assembly - LH

2005 Track Cylinder Head Assembly - RH

Pistons & Rings: Do not know how pistions have changed yet...

2005 Track Pistons - STD 1, 2, 3, & OS0.20

2005 Track Pistion Ring Set STD

2005 Track Piston Ring Set OS 0.20

Valve Changes...

Lifters use the same sizes as other years. I still need to add them all to our site...

2005 Track Valve Spring

2005 Track Valve Spring Retainer

And what we have all been waiting for...


2005 Track VTC Pulley & Cover Kit LH (does not include gasket or bolts)

2005 Track VTC Pulley & Cover Kit RH (does not include gasket or bolts)

2005 Track VTC Cover Gasket LH

2005 Track VTC Cover Gasket RH

2005 Track VTC Cover Bolt

And if you just want a new motor...

2005 Track Short Block Assembly

2005 Track Long Block (Crate Motor) Assembly

These are all the parts I have that have changed so far. I do NOT know if one can install the VTC stuff but my guess is you will also need to use the new cam's.


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I got the pinstons in!

Unfortunatly someone took the block that I had with the older pistons in it. But we have another piston from the original 350Z motor at jeff's house he will bring to me on Monday.

If any one has pictures of the factory 350Z Pistons please post in this thread...

here are pictures of the new piston...

I am not going to say my thoughts yet just because I can not compare to the old pistons except by what my memory has saved... and I dont want to trust that... :icon18:


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I am trying to find out as much as I can about the internals ie Pistons / Rods / Crank not to put in an 04 / 03 motor... but... for someone who wants to build up their bottom end can purcahse one part, install it in their car with existing heads and have a stronger bottom end...

imagine being able to buy a fully assembled short block for under $4000 that will beable to withstand high boost FI rather then spend $4000 in parts and who knows what in labor to put it all together...

know what i mean?

putting in the lower intake plenum off an 05 REV-UP into a 287VQ35 shouldnt effect the warranty because no one will know
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