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Well might as well start this up, I've got quite a bit planned. I'm going to get started on a collection of parts for a boost build and start on the exterior work.

Up next week I'm having my car painted in an orange and black scheme (photos concepts to come for that later).

For the boost build I'm just going to start on my collection of parts. Sure there are plenty of kits out there, but I find it's more fun to do the collection yourself.

I've decided to either reuse my TD04HL-20T-9 turbo (upgraded stock Lancer Ralliart turbo) I used on my previous boost build or use the TD05H (stock Evolution X turbo) that i have. Got a few old wastegates I can use, and a Mishimoto oil cooler and catch can I can use as well. For the piping I'll just make up some custom pipes. It's still early in my collection of parts so I haven't made any decisions on other parts but I'll figure it out soon.

Still doing some research on tuning platforms. I'd like to self-tune my build. I'm looking into some platforms that hopefully will be similar to the one I'm used to messing with.
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