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All right guys, I got myself M3 and my lovely Z it’s been sitting in the garage since.
It’s an awesome buy for everyone. Car has 4800miles on it and it’s been more loved then even driven,
Its history closes in 2 dealer oil changes. Brand new car so never a problem, still on the warranty, lots of mods, and Every OEM part kept.
I live in Manhattan so car was always kept garaged upstate and driven only on the weekends, Never driven in snow or rain,
I hate the fact I’m not keeping it but I need 2+2,
Average nada value for the Z with 4800 odo is $29,850
So if you’re interested in bone stock Z with exceptionally low miles here it is,
If you want to take the car with all the mods, Asking price is 35K. and that includes 9K in modifications,
If you got any questions, want to see the car contact me,
[email protected]

link to pictures and list of...
some of the mods



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