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I just went to the track this weekend to get a base/stock run on my 2003 350z Touring. The whole car is stock, 45,000 miles, original tires, no exhaust-intake-nothing. It was 91 degrees out and high humidity, which i feel may have hurt my times at the track on saturday.

My car weighed in at 3,168lbs with me inside it, about 3,033lbs car itself. I removed spare tire, jack, rear carpets, and rear upper strut bar plastics, and had a 1/4 tank of fuel.

heres how it went:

- 1st run, 11:57 am, 14.366 @ 100.76mph, TCS off, 3,000 rpm slipping clutch out for the launch.

- 2nd run, 12:36 pm, TCS off, felt like a real good run, i get to the booth, i get a "we dont have you information". They had a problem with the 2 runs before mine also, they had no info.

- 3rd run, 1:39 pm, 14.312 @ 100.90mph, TCS off, 3,500 lauch, little bit of wheel spin.

- 4th run, 3:44 pm, 14.698 @ 100.00mph, TCS ON!! I forgot to turn off TCS, so when i hit 2nd gear the chirp of wheel spin tripped the TCS and i bogged down in 2nd gear.

- 5th run, 5:33 pm, 14.288 @ 99.8mph, TCS off, 3,500 lauch slipping out the clutch, best run of the day

I gotta say that first of all, i am not a big 1/4 mile fan to begin with, this was simply a base run at how my car does performance wise before i do any modifications. So that way when i get some stuff done to the car, i can see its improvements in numbers. Dont get me wrong, im a huge fan for running my car anytime when someone wants to try and prove them self.

All in all, i got the information that i wanted, and i think that a 14.288 in 85-90 degree high humity weather is good enough for a stock touring Z.

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That's an amazing weight for the Touring. I also have an 03 Touring, but mine weighs more than yours. :dunno:

My 1/4 mile times were a little bit worse than yours, but I tried it when I first got the car and hadn't learned to drive it well yet.
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