2003 Nissan 350Z - Enthusiast Trim, 6MT, Low 79k miles, Low VIN-one of the first in the US

Adult Z enthusiast owned, 3rd owner for 10 years, never abused - no track, no drift. I bought it bone stock and added adjustable suspension for hills and valley fun runs. Runs perfectly and always maintained by Z specific shop. Zero accidents.

The "bad stuff" first: Clear coat failure on roof and rear hatch (see pics). Missing passenger door handle. That's it. Seriously. See details in full disclosure, below.

ALL ORIGINAL, WELL MAINTAINED, STOCK engine except for a CA-legal JWT Popcharger intake (which was on the car when I bought it ten years ago.) Engine tuned up (not ECM tuned) including new plugs, coil packs within 5k miles, which is all I've put on the car in 10 years. All fluids fresh in last 2500 miles (brakes, coolant, trans, diff, all with OE spec+ synth fluids). Brakes - pads & rotors - have about 3k on them.

Only non-stock power item: original Nismo S-Tune exhaust (cat back).

Car is "all suspension" with Koni Yellow (adjustable) shocks, Eibach springs, aligned with SPC FUCA (adjustable front upper control arms) and rear adjustable SPC camber and offset toe bushing. Final suspension tuning through adjustable Hotchkis sway bars. Alignment set within stock specs, no uneven tire wear.

Wheels/tires are powder coated Volk SF Winning 19x9.5 with 245/35-19 Front, 19x10.5 with 275/35-19 Rear tires, Bridgestone S-04 Pole Positions all around. (Open to you BYOW.... Bring your own wheels.)

Updated 2006+ Bi-Xenon headlights.

All work done on this car has been by Z Car Garage, San Jose. There are no cheap parts on this car, all name, all function.

Smog certification will be done and provided at time of sale per CA law.

Full disclosure:

  • All original paint but needs paint work - Rear hatch and roof (no, I didn't flip it) - Clearcoat failed. I can have it all professionally redone per pricing at bottom.
  • Passenger door missing pull handle.
  • Original trans has the occasional (common) 3rd gear gronk but never a problem with rev match.
  • One wheel curbed (yes, by me, not "previous owner"), front wheel (same curb side) mildly scuffed but no issues, just aesthetic, edge of lip from my lame parking errors.
  • Radio/deck works but the display has gone crazy.

Asking $11,500
(Or $13,000 if I fix the paint or $10,000 bring-your-own-wheels... point is, I'm open to almost anything, haha.)

Note: If you wish to have a PPI (pre-purchase inspection done, you can pay - non-refundable - for this service locally at your shop of choice.)

Serious only. Low ball offers will be ignored.