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****, basically got a free paint job out of it! Solid bro.
yeah kinda , he wrecked the seals on the a pillars, they did need replacing eventually but he put paid to that and hurried the process up, had to buy the pillars themselves so ended up costing me $1100 incl shipping to nz but at least those seals are finally sorted.
I learned how to finish a paint job so that to me was worth a lifetime of working ina panel shop:).
Am definetly happy with what i have ended up with, silly thing is he did a great job on the fibreglass repairs on the side skirts etc.
Have just completed full sound proofing(doors, trunk, floor, pillars,rear hatch) and recovered one of the 2 seats with new leather(1 to go). This car is looking mint. got volk center caps on order for the wheels so not much left to do but i am sure thier will always be something.

Now i need to sort out my account so can post more photos but cant seem to upgrade from original account?.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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