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2002 350z 6 speed manual

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2002 350z 6 speed manual project

Love this car. currently buying in parts to renew worn out bits on the interior, looking at new leather seat skins to replace current ones.sound system installed,going to complete sound proof the whole car, mugiars paint restoration worked a treat but will be looking at a respray in the near future, 19 inch volks will be getting full recondition and paint. was going to get a 240z as a dream car for 30 years but glad i got the modern version. absolutely love it.


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It was the wheels that sold me actually my brother got the same car same color lol and never been that fussed about it, when this came up i was a changed man. I threw down the cash first then worried about how to get it over the lip in the driveway.
They are white painted not powder coated from the looks of it, te37 rays eng 19 x10.5 on the rear and 19 x 8.5 on the front. rear is 20.72 lbs and front is 20.17 lbs
yep same color,its definetly grown on me and the white wheels do set it off. The daytona blue is Not to boy racer color and still has a bit of class to it, just has a lot of touch ups that you can see close up, fiberglass body kit needs repair in places so may aswell go the whole hog. going to keep the car as stock as possible just renewed to as new condition.this is my retirement car (just 20 years early :biggrin:)
yep was released in aug 2002 in japan, mine was imported to new zealand as right hand drive, the 2002 model was released as 2003 in the usa (just to make you feel better:biggrin:).my registration details list as 2002.

Vehicle Identification

Year:2002Make:NISSANModel:FAIRLADYSubmodel:ZMain Colour:BlueVIN:xxxxxxxxxxx004573 Engine No:VQ35-652603AV035Chassis:Z33-004573
Vehicle Details

Vehicle Type:passenger Car/VanBody Style:Sports CarSeats:2CC rating:3,490ccFuel Type:petrolTransmission:6-gear manualAssembly Type:Imported Built-UpCountry of Origin:JapanGross Vehicle Mass:1,560kgAxles:2
no worries alwayas felt weird when looking for parts thought i got a chinese clone or something till i read up on it. just order for 2003 and seems to be allright.
My project has started over the last few months i have been importing and gathering parts for my restore.
new parts incl
left tweeter casing
top cowl of speedo/console
trim on right hand side window
new gear gator
new handbrake cover
new leather seat skins
new rear hatch struts
2 new rear tyres 275 x 35 x 19

The car is currently at the painters beinbg resprayed same color all body kit parts fixed and repainted, it will be ready in 2 days.

The te37s have allready been to the wheel restoration place and where finished today and on way back to car at the paintersthey fitted the new tyres at the same time, they look incredible and as if new, i have new rays decals on the way from japan here next week.

I have full pack of dynamat for the whole car.

over the next 2 weeks after getting the car back i will strip the interior do the soundproofing recover the seats and fit the new parts.

All i currently have is the strut cover for the rear, i restored and painted the Z and had the wheel restoration firm paint the cover the same color as the wheels for me.I also have a new strut cover stock from factory if i dont like the white but so far it is sold on me, just enought to hit with the wheels and not over the top.

I have a lot to do but all well worth it,love this car.


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here are the wheels before and after and the decals just arrived in.


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I got my car back from the painter. It got Raped:finger:, weirdest experience i have had in a while i paid 4k for fiberglass repairs a few minor dings and a respray. came out looking worse than it went in. here are some after painting photos LOL.


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the bad news.
need to replace 2 emblems (Gouged out by screwdriver)
A pillar seals need repalcing (he just ripped these off and placed them back in, they where worn before but at least where functional)
Drivers door card needs repalcing(got ripped somhow)
My mint wheels got dropped and rims gouged x2
Side pillars fixed ok and then cracked putting back on
front and rear windscreen seals are bent back and wont go back
the repair work was actually ok it was the painting finishing and reinstalling that was out of this world(this from a registerd shop with good feedback but i failed to notice the new owners shocking abilities)and rested on the laurels of the old owner with a good reputation, this ownership chage was happening as my car was in for work..
Investigation reveals he pulled all the seals back painted the car and left it in the sun for 3 days.
Car full of scratches,orange peel, and areas not even buffed.
The good news. I advised the painter he was commited to me for life to get it right or to return my money. The money was returned in full the next day.
The better news i bought a rotary buffer and did an apprentiship in car detailing wich consisted of a free bonnet from the wreckers wich i taped off in sections and taught myself through process and to work and own the paint.
The best news:biggrin:


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****, basically got a free paint job out of it! Solid bro.
yeah kinda , he wrecked the seals on the a pillars, they did need replacing eventually but he put paid to that and hurried the process up, had to buy the pillars themselves so ended up costing me $1100 incl shipping to nz but at least those seals are finally sorted.
I learned how to finish a paint job so that to me was worth a lifetime of working ina panel shop:).
Am definetly happy with what i have ended up with, silly thing is he did a great job on the fibreglass repairs on the side skirts etc.
Have just completed full sound proofing(doors, trunk, floor, pillars,rear hatch) and recovered one of the 2 seats with new leather(1 to go). This car is looking mint. got volk center caps on order for the wheels so not much left to do but i am sure thier will always be something.

Now i need to sort out my account so can post more photos but cant seem to upgrade from original account?.
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