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February 17, 2006 will go down in history as Texas's FIRST ever road course drifting event at Grand Sport Speedway by Texas Slide and

Grand Sport Speedway is a 1.7 Mile freshly renovated Road Course located near Hitchcock, Texas, and very close to Gulf Greyhound Park for those wishing to earn a license at the Formula Drift Qualifier on Feb the 18th at GGP. We will be using the Brittany Circuit, Overhead veiw of Grand Sport Speedway's Brittany Circuit can be seen by clicking here.

We will run the track one direction in the morning, and switch directions in the afternoon. We will be using run groups, which will run in 10 minute sessions, non stop from the moment the course goes hot until a 30 minute staff lunch break, until the end of the day or until our goal, everyone runs out of tires.

From downtown Houston head south on I-45 towards Galveston. Exit to your west (right) on exit 15, continue strait across the light and take the next exit on your right onto state Rd 2004 that runs parallel to the dog track. Continue down 2004 for about 3 miles right through Hitchcock, Tx until you see four large concrete pillars on you left. The track is right beside these pillars. Turn left onto the small gravel road past blimpbase Rd and go a few hundred yards through the gate. You are now on the new site of Grand Sport Speedway.

Track Address is:
GrandSport Speedway
5402 Highway 6
Hitchcock, TX 77563

For a complete write up and inquiries about safety equipment required and tech requirements,
Please click here to see our Tech Rules and Policy.

Also please to help keep it a safe, friendly environment, Please stop by and check out our rules policy


Pre-Registration will be $75 per driver. Driver credentials will be issued the morning of the event. At the end of preregistration the day of the event, we will take anything excess from covering track rental/insurance, divide it by the number of entrants and offer to re-imburse all drivers who pre-registered anything we have left over.

Registration at the event will be a fixed fee of $75.

Please when registering include whether or not you will be driving in the Formula Drift Qualifier the day after, and a brief driving resume so we can properly class you in a run group. We will have at least three groups.

Pro Qualifier Practice
Regular Practice

Pro Qualifier Practice will be for the Pro level driver who will be fighting to attain a Formula Drift licence the next day at Gulf Greyhound.

Regular Practice will be for the driver who is not competing in that event, but just wants to kill some tires and improve his/her skill, and have fun.

If you are interested in attending the no charge extra school, Mike Peters, Texas's top ranked Drifter and Formula Drift #8 Points Finisher will be acting as Chief Instructor for a special "Beginner" run group, which will include several classroom type drivers meetings throughout the day, and a course walk thru and one on one seat time with every beginner driver. We will also have several other very well qualified instructors coming in and out of the program throughout the day.

to Preregister paypal $75 USD to [email protected], and please include desired run group, his/her full name, car, and any crew members you will have with you, as well as the size of your truck and trailer if you are towing the car.

A list of Pre-Registered Drivers can be seen by clicking Here.

A grip session will be available mid-day, for $20 per driver. This is not included in the Drift Registration. Pre Registration will not be available for this, but if you are interested in participating please let us know.

Spectators/Media will be free.

Media Pass Inquiries please email [email protected] with, who you are, who you are covering the event for, and some of your past work. Media wanting on track please where bright clothing, and if possible bring a orange vest.

Any Questions please contact:
[email protected]

[email protected] for anything media related.

TIRE MOUNTING will be done for $3.50 a tire by

Wal-Mart Supercenter Store #529

6410 I-45
La Marque, TX 77568
(409) 986-6000

Directions to Wal Mart


Houston240sx'ers we have a special discount rate at the Fairfeild Inn by Mariott right across the street from GGP, and 10 minutes from GSS.

10700 Emmett F. Lowry Expressway
Texas City , TX 77591

Rate is $65 a night for 2 queen size beds, which can support "Five people" please call and reserve now. The hotel says its mardi gras weekend so they aer limited on rooms, so call and reserve now and say you are with Houston240sx for the discounted rate! They also have FREE BREAKFAST!! (we will be building our schedule around the free hotel breakfast)

Directions to the Hotel

Grand Sport Speedway, The Fairfeild Inn, Wal Mart, Gulf Greyhound Park (where the Formula Drift qualifier will be held) , are all within easily a 10 Mile distance from each other. Here is a MAP showing all four locations, Grand Sport Speedway is red, Gulf Greyhound is black, Wal-Mart is Blue, Mariott is white. There is also a Whataburger, Jack in the Box, Mc Donalds, Shopping mall with Food Court (adjacent to the hotel) and several other restaurants in this area. This event should be very convenient, and extremely fun for everyone. Register and Book your hotel room now, see you there!


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We'd like to welcome our new partners/sanctioning bodies US Drift and NASA!!!

As well as some friendly updates as this event nears!

**Event Format**

We will be running Three run groups, similar to a HPDE event.

Green Group- Schoolies,Instructors, Beginners

Blue Group - Basic-advance drifters.

Black Group - Pro Practice. Tandem Allowed.

**Spectators/Pit Crew/Media**

-All entrants to the facility will be required to sign a waiver, and fill out an insurance form. In return they will be issued a wristband allowing entrance to the facility. Must be 18 and up to ride along or pit crew.


All spectators will be required to stay within the Paddock and off track Pit areas, as well as spectator areas. No spectators will be allowed on or near the track.

-Pit Crew

Pit Crew members arriving with Drivers/Teams will be issued special bands, and allowed to pit areas on track.

Approved Media will be checked in , and given Media bands. Bright clothing is required by anyone with media. All media are encouraged to wear white if possible. No dark colored clothed media will be allowed to obtain a Media Pass, However a bring colored self-supplied vest will be acceptable. All media inquiries please contact [email protected]

**Ride Alongs/Tandem**

-Ride Alongs

Ride alongs will be available. Passengers must keep all appendages inside the vehicle at all times. Any violation of this will result in an immediate forfeit of a wristband, and the vehicle will not be allowed passengers for the remaining entirety of the event. All passengers will be required to wear proper safety gear, including seat belts (as required by tech) and an approved helmet. Windows must also be down on both sides if a passenger is present. Any car with a roll cage and a passenger must meet the same safety criteria for the passenger seat as required for the driver's seat. Foam padding must be attached and covering any roll cage structure within 2' of the Seat. It is the driver's responsibility for his passengers, any rule infractions regarding passengers will result in punishment of both Driver and Passenger.


While close quarters tandem will be permitted at our discretion, minimum requirements (unless unanimous safety staff approval is otherwise given) will be as follows:

Top 32 Formula Drift competitors from 2005, or Top 16 Drivers from 2004, or a Formula Drift or D1GP valid license.

Top 8 at any US Drift sanctioned tandem competition event.

Top 4 at other event*

Safety is priority #1, so if you are denied permission for tandem, and do not meet the above requirements please do not be offended.

* Some event results may not qualify, If you do have a top 4 finish in an event not specifically listed please email [email protected] to get a yes or no, so the event can be researched and tandem safety can be ensured.

Passengers will also NOT be allowed for tandem, unless you are participating in the school, or an authorized Media Ride-a-long.

Again, thanks to NASA's US Drift for teaming up with us on this venture, look for more awesome events in the future!!

Please email ANY questions/sponsorship inquiries/feedback to [email protected]
And check out our partners websites at:


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Chris Forsberg and Tony Angelo, 2 of America's top drifters and members of Drift Alliance will also be attending and helping with the school.

Chris and Tony were two of America's 1st D1GP qualifiers, and have set many records for east coast drifters, and accomplishments made outside of SoCal. Chris was the #3 Points finisher in Formula Drift 2004, and #6 in 2005, and Winner of the last Formula D event of 2005 at Irwindale Speedway. Both Drivers are D1GP and Formula D liscenced, so if you wanna learn how to drift like a pro then these guys can definately take care of that.

Also here is the schedule

Gates open at 8am to pit your car.

Drivers meeting will be at 830am.

Pre Registrants will KNOW their run group. Run group 1 (will be announced at drivers meeting will move to grid and have their cars teched @ grid.) @ 840AM

Track will go hot @ 9AM to begin an hourly cycle that will end at noon thirty for lunch.

:00 Run group 1 goes on track, run group 2 to grid, run group 3 in pit
:10 Run group 2 goes on track, run group 3 to grid, run group 1 in pit
:20 Run group 3 goes on track, run group 1 to grid, run group 2 in pit.
:30 Run group 1 goes on track, run group 2 to grid, run group 3 in pit
:40 Run group 2 goes on track, run group 3 to grid, run group 1 in pit
:50 Run group 3 goes on track, run group 1 to grid, run group 2 in pit.
:00 Run group 1 goes on track, run group 2 to grid, run group 3 in pit.

Will resume from 1-2ish - 5pm. Like we said, you will run out of tires, and get over an hour of seat time, easily. And thats probably just in the morning

We may offer 2 :15 grip session for $20 each mid day to cars that pass tech and other safety requirements. Anyone non SCCA/NASA/BMWCCA/PCA/TAMSCC member will be required to sit thru a very detailed drivers meeting before being allowed on track.

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Do NOT register for the Houston240sx / US Drift ROAD COURSE Formula Drift Practice day at either of the following, or . This is NOT the correct registration for our road course event, so do NOT register or send money to dailydrifter for the ROAD COURSE event. paypal [email protected] to register, a list of registered drivers who have PAID can be seen here.

If you are interested in the parking lot practice, then dailydrifter is the correct registration. But if you are looking for at least an HOUR of GUARANTEED SEAT TIME on a REAL ROAD COURSE that has been setup since january, scheduled for Friday Feburuary 17th 2006 before the Feb 18th Formula Drift Texas Qualifier the ONLY way to preregister is paypal [email protected] $75USD, or email [email protected] to arrange other payment.

Thanks for your time and sorry for the confusion. If you have been contacted by anyone telling you to register for the Houston240sx/ US Drift Road Course Practice event in any other way than paypal $75 USD to [email protected] please let us know by posting in this thread;

or emailing [email protected]

Again, thank you for your time. Sorry for the confusion.

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We regret to inform everyone that a last minute and unrepairable dilemma has arised with our event on February 17, 2006 at Grand Sport Speedway with Houston240sx and US Drift. The event will be rescueduled, and refunds will be given as soon as possible. If you have registered and have any quesionts please call Mike Peters, 936.348.1923. We are sincerely sorry, and this matter was out of our control, but we will do our best to resolve the issue, and the event is already working to be rescuduled at a later date, and probably on a weekend. If you can please spread the word to any freinds you had coming, as there will be nobody at the track on Friday. We do promise that this event will be resceduled, and we will be doing it much much bigger as soon as possible.

Again, sorry about this, I was just informed of it and we are doing our best to resolve this with preregistrants. The event WILL be resceduled with the same details, same venue at a later date.

Thanks for your time
H240/US Drift staff.
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