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The wife and I went to the Bradenton 1/4 mile track last night. This was my first time at a 1/4 mile drag strip but I'm happy with my times. :shiftdrive: -Broke into the (very high) 13's

05' Base
17"SSR wheels
275/40 17 R and 255/40 F Kumho MX street tires
RS-R Ti2000 springs (-just put these on yesterday before going to the strip)
Quaife diff.
Fram "air hog" drop in filter
All else bone stock.


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Nice runs.

I noticed that your 13.997 (10:20pm) run was 3 minutes after a 14.064 run (10:17pm).
Usualy the car runs faster when the engine is cooler, but my guess is that you're not getting the tires hot enough before your run.
When you came back down and staged right away, your tires were hot from the last run, so you got better traction and got the better time.

Those were good runs on a stock '05
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