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Had a Haltech Interceptor (piggyback ECU) fitted and tuned in Canberra, Australia. I am interested to hear from those knowledgeable about the A/F ratios.

The car is a 2003 Track Australian spec, I run on premium pump fuel (RON 98 or ~AKI 93 for US readers)

Since buying the car stock cond last year I have done the following mods:

Catback dual 60mm s/s exhaust system (HKS style)
Motordyne 5/16" ISO plenum spacer
1) thermally isolates upper and lower plenum
2) 5/16" spacer alleviates airflow restriction above first two intake runner inlets
3) throttle body coolant control valve installed, presently -OFF i.e. no coolant flow to plenum
fr tyres 235/45 attempt to improve tendency to understeer (rr 245/45) on 18x8 Track rims

This is my first Dyno run since owning the car, unfortunately no base line to compare unmodified, the green 'before' run is with the OEM ECU with the above mods in place.

I've never sure of how Tractive Effort relates to flywheel Nm torque figures the manufacturer claim - googling I found Autospeed responded to a reader's enquiry thus:

Tractive effort is the force being applied at the tread of the tyres and is proportional to engine torque. It differs from torque because it takes into account the gearing of the drivetrain (gearbox, final drive and tyre diameter).

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